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Dia Mirza supports Women Empowerment

Dia Mirza has always come forth to lend her voice and time for a variety of social initiatives she truly believes in. This time Dia has associated herself with an NGO based in Delhi that works towards the betterment … Continue Reading


The Cacophony – Vibes of Disturbance

We experience it starting from the morning.Our alram clock is the best example of it. What exactly cacophony is that when an irritable or irresistible sound comes to your ears and make you feel uncomfortable.The … Continue Reading


Razia Fans Gai Gundo Mein

“Razia Fans Gai Gundo Mein” is my story in the movie. It’s a comedy film laced with drama and romance. And with a very important message on Hooch Mafia” says Tara. “People in our village, small cities are … Continue Reading

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Dilli ki Sardi!

One of the things that I love most about Delhi is its bone-chilling-winters! Although some people complain about fog, low visibility, flight delays, etc. but I enjoy it to the … Continue Reading