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For you mom

Parents – True Lovers

How often have you confessed to your mom/dad: “I love you! Thank You for whatever you have done for me right from the day, I was born till this very day.”? Ever wondered if they didn’t stand by your side then who … Continue Reading

Google Glasses Augmented Reality

Education – The Way I See It

The introduction of the CCE i.e. the comprehensive and continuous evaluation has changed the landscape of school education as we know it and, as is the case with most such upheavals, it has resulted in heated … Continue Reading

Random Pick!

Flying to Canada?

Canada is now the next hot destination for Indian students. According to AUCC (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada) president Paul Davidson, India is now … Continue Reading

what is love

A Perfect Love Story

Namrata was a normal teenager like any other girl of her age who loved to live in her own bubbly dreamy world. Namrata was an English Hons. 2nd year student. An average … Continue Reading