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You and Me


The dazzle of your face never left my watery eyes

Etched deep into my heart between all the lies.

I was blind, I stood by you, helpless

In the hope, you would see how I was selfless.

The day never came, you never realized

The worth, the value of a person so prized.

Away from me, you ran and ran

Straight into the arms of that other man.

I clinched my fists, contorted with rage

You left me behind, still caught up in his gaze.

I walked away; you had failed, and not I

Between all the pain, I only wanted to know why-oh-why.

Like a fish, I drank night and day

There was still a lot that I wanted to say.

One fine morning, I let it all behind

A new beginning, a new hope in my mind.

And then, around came she, with a mesmerizing smile

I realized, your betrayal had only made the wait worthwhile.

She loved me, and I wanted to love her back

But thanks to you, I had lost the knack!