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Comedy Circus – a riot of laughter!


Update August 23, 2012
This time, all the contestants went back home happy! Mantra – Soni and Thakur – Divyanka got the runner up positions and Kapil – Sumona, Krishna – Sudesh got First position!

Update August 13, 2012

Kahani Comedy Circus Ki : Episode 48 – 12th August 2012 – Semi Final

Comedy circus one of the most popular family shows of India is about to enter 13th season. The latest season named Comedy Circus ka Naya Daur will introduce new comedians who will challenge old comedians such as Kapil, Rajiv and Bharti. The show which is being aired now for 4 years on Sony channel, has easily taken place in audience’s hearts, despite its low TRPs.
The show which started in June 2007 has been judged by various celebrities. Archana Puran Singh has been judge since show’s inception and is also prime target of contestants’ jokes. The other celebrities who judged show are Rohit Shetty, Johnny Lever, Shekhar Suman, Daler Mehandi and many other celebrities who gave guest appearance. The show is also prime choice for new actors who promote their films.
The show consists of funny comedians such as Ali, Kapil, Krishna, Sudesh, VIP, Bharti and many more. While these comedians regularly target Archana Puran Singh and “tabla man” Surinder who became overnight celebrity by the show and is last hope for all contestants for some silly comedy.

The show has also been criticized many times for adult jokes and other stuffs’ which are not fit for a family show. The latest star of show is Kapil Sharma who has won 4 seasons in a row. The show has also seen tough competitions from many other shows one of which was The Great Indian Laughter Challenge which was most popular comedy show of the country. Recently it faced great challenge from Comedy ka maha muqabala which was aired on Star Plus. The show stole limelight due to its star studded judging team and better format.

But all through this Comedy Circus has survived and thrived also!!

Tell us who is your favorite Comedy Circus contestant!!!

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