The Most Beautiful Girl Ever

Well… I fall for girls as often as I see a movie. And I fall out of them sooner. The effect of the beauty is just like those of scenic locations. After ten minutes, you tend to get bored of it. Since, girls have a feedback mechanism too, so it takes up to ten days to normalize to their beauty. Currently, I’m in love with Maria the item girl in ‘niyat’ song from “teenpatti”. (Man! She is smokin hot!) But some faces remain etched in your memory forever. No matter where you are, what you are doing, that face always stays at the back of your mind. I, being no exception, also have a few of those faces at the back of my mind too.

It all started with me clearing J.E.E. Now I’m in IIT the most prestigious college of the nation. At IIT, everything happens. You can go on doing every kind of imaginable nonsense (yes mean every kind!) for 20 days and study the last 5 days and get a decent grade. But some dumbos like me compromise on that 5 day period too and study only when my ass is on fire. Now, if you are a normal person, you can easily study (with full concentration) in hostel between 3am-9am (coz that the time when other normal fellows are asleep). But, if you also sleep in that timeline like other normal fellows, then even god can’t make you study inside hostel. It is then that your hear the name of something known as “READING ROOM” aka R2.

It is the place “officially” made for students to study in silence at any time of the day. So, I also headed to the place thinking that I will study in that geek place where you have to maintain pin drop silence. With full intent to study showed my id card to the guard outside, I entered the reading room hoping to see hordes of bespectacled morons giving me a onetime look and then again burying their faces inside the books. But, fortunately or unfortunately, it was nothing close to the belief. Here is a brief view of what I saw. There were about 1015 laptops on the tables near the walls where equal number of singletons and couples (deep in love) will be watching some latest movie together which they have just downloaded from the LAN. There were 34 groups of about 56 students (23 of them being girls with one being exceptionally good-looking) who had books opened in front of them but were not even looking towards them. All that they were doing was chatting something nonsense which contributed to making fun of one of them or throwing things like pen, eraser or even the girl’s hair band at one another.

One decent looking girl who was running behind a guy to beat him up. (He must have praised her beauty in wrong way.) Also, there were some PhD/M.tech students who were either chatting with their spouse or discussing some gossiping so loud that I can catch their words at the entry gate itself. (They were making fun of some professor guess). In one corner there were gangs of vella guys who were studying as well having some funny senseless chat going on at the same time. In another corner, there was a group of studious girls (listening songs on their cell phone) who were pretending to study while trying to show style absentmindedly to get some bhaav from someone. In the middle there were some loners who were effectively doing nothing than passing time. Amongst this crowd, I also saw some geek faces in the farthest lonely corner of the room who were studying as if they were working on some research paper of metaphysical theory which they had to submit tomorrow; else their life was at stake.

Suddenly, I realized one thing. All the beautiful faces that I was seeing in the reading room, I had never seen them during the whole month I had spent in IIT. I still don’t know why those girls were never visible during daytime. Maybe, they only attended classes and slept off during the whole day or, who knows, they were vampires or something like that. The surprise look of the reading room took a while to sink in. Then I found an empty table near the geeks where I put my bag and took out my Griffith. After rating every beautiful girl on the horizon on the beauty scale from 1-10, I got back to studying because my minors were around the corner and I had spent my lectures trying every possible idle work I could think of. I even tried jumping from the window just after the attendance. But that was good enough for only one time. Now, to make my studying process comfortable, I placed my feet on the chair on the opposite side of table and started studying the concept of vector algebra. I got lost (and confused) in the world of curl, divergence, gradient, etc where the author tries his best to say things which no common folk can understand. After 10 minutes of concepts of electrodynamics, I felt like burning off that book. Suddenly a voice said “Can you please move your feet?” I was too irritated with electrodynamics to pay heed to anything else. 10 seconds later I heard a sweeter voice saying “Excuse me, Can you please give me this chair?”

The voice went deep into my heart and I felt something weird inside me. Then, I realized the voice was referring to me. I looked up and… I went blank. My jaw dropped, Violins started playing, my senses went numb, my knees went weak found myself unable to move for a moment I thought I had died and an angel was greeting me. “Hellooo, is someone already sitting here?” the voice was sweetest this time.

Coming back into reality, I somehow managed to get my legs off that chair. But my other senses refused to respond. My eyes still kept gazing at her like people gaze at Mona Lisa. Here I attempt to convey her beauty in words.
+ A perfectly oval face with skin as fair as milk.
+ Nice flowing hair neatly tied behind her head.
+ Beautiful glowing eyes, pink lips with perfect smiley teeth, cute cheeks and nose
+ Frameless glasses increasing her beautiful innocent looks
+ Black shirt brilliantly displaying her sensuousness.
+ All the body parts perfectly in place and in shape as well.
+ Her voice which was the sweetest I have heard in a really long time.

Then, without even looking at me, She took the chair and sat on the table next to me and buried her face in some thin book (I think it was a novel. Beautiful girls can’t be geeks.) My eyes just kept gazing at her like an astronomer gazes at the stars. 30 seconds later I realized that my line of sight was perpendicular to the placement of my book and the beautiful angel had also noticed this.

(More in next part)

P.S: It was no surprise that I got 7marks out of 25 in the electrodynamics exam 2 days later..!
NOTE: If by any chance, the beautiful girl is reading this post, then please forgive me but the captivity power of your beauty has increased exponentially with time.

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