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INDIAN DANCE : Classical Dance Costumes


Bharathanatyam Costume : Traditional Bharathanatya costume suitable for all ages. The beautiful Pallu (Thallaippu) in the front makes the costume very rich and colorful. Small children will have a blouse with a small pleat in the front, instead of the Thavani (piece covering the blouse). The top portion is called Attached Thavani.
The skirt costumes are used for Padams and small items in Bharathanatyam. This costume is very comfortable and very easy to wear. This skirt styles best for ages above 15 years. Different styles can be chosen in this skirt model like Skirt model with the Thallapu in front and Skirt model with the Cross pleats attached to the normal pleats
Most liked by the dancers .The borders around the legs and the neatly pleated front portion gives a nice look to this costume. This costume will best suit a tall person, so that the three pleats are equally separated.

Kuchpudi Costume : This pattern is used for traditional Kuchipudi dances. A long pleat in the centre with a border and a back katcham and also a side small fan makes this a typical Kuchipudi style.


Cross Pleated Costume : Cross pleats are used for both Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi. This pattern is best suited for gents. A katcham at the back makes the difference between Kuchipudi and Bharathanatyam. This cross fan costume can be used for devotional characters like Muruga & Krishna.

Odissi Costume : Odissi is the Traditional dance of Orissa. The costume is similar to that of traditional Bharathanatyam costume.

Mohiniattam Costume : This is the dance form peculiar to Kerala, performed by a solo female dancer. The costume color is white with gold zari borders. The Skirt is fully pleated from front to back.

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