India is not such a bad place after all

India is not such a bad place after all


Things are not that bad!!! Cheer UP!!!

This might seem a little hypocritical coming from someone who has so far only highlighted all that is going wrong and need to be looked into! Its just that here are a few things that we sub consciously are thankful for in our country but seldom feel grateful for (including me I suppose!).
“Fir bhi dil hai Hindustani”; this applies aptly to every Indian. We all have our shortcomings of flouting traffic rules or spitting on the road et al, but in our hearts Indians are surely the friendliest lot you can ever come across. You may travel all over the globe, but never will you come across people who are so ready to help each other, advice each other (though sometimes a bit too much ) and in general be there for each other. Try getting lost some place and here and you are sure to get help from more than one person. Be it the close bonding of families or the general feeling of being from the same soil, this kinship is unique. The general peace loving, friendly nature is shown in the fact that in our thousand years of history, India has never attacked any country.

Where else will you get such level of FREEDOM??? From freedom of expression via media to freedom of speech to freedom of accessing public places to freedom in whatever you wish to wear or not to; India is the epitome of freedom. There are instances in a number of other countries where a simple act of calling the leader some name will land you up in jail! (And this same “freedom” is misused to spit on the streets and then complain how clean Singapore is: sorry couldn’t help adding this though criticism wasn’t supposed to be here)

Culture… that’s one thing each country owns as a one shaded bright colour, but here, you get a complete rainbow. This is something one often hears ourselves priding in, but not taking enough care to carry them on; too busy aping the Occident. Though the lectures from some orthodox on this topic can get to be suffocating, culture is and will be a proud part of your identity.

This is almost the best place a girl can be alive and strive for a bright future. You get all the facilities and are NOT bound to stay inside shielding yourself from the gents, and if you are bound, you have the law on your side to free you!

The youth fairly gets to contribute in every sphere, from education reform to politics; they are encouraged to prove themselves everywhere. On top of it all, they get all the technology at their disposal. (The irony is most of the times, this technology is developed by an Indian, in some other country.)

We have a God for everything and everything is God, every human life is worshipped, every relationship cherished, as a son, as a daughter, as a mother, as a father, as grandkids and so on. Love, tech, education, freedom; you name it , you get it all, you use it all; no demands, no complaints.
There is, in absolute terms, nothing lacking in INDIA. On the contrary, it is surely the best place to be in.