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Technology Changes Lives


Well the title might remind you of some company’s tagline, but the idea here is not to discuss about any company or its technology, but to look at how the technology can seriously affect the users’ lives especially with regard to health and minds.

I unlocked my mobile so that I can have a look at the time. It was 3AM. I could not sleep as I already slept for several hours that day. I had nothing to do. I could not start Facebook at that time. The reason was simple. It was early, I should say very early in the morning. There would be no one online, at least no one from the same time zone online in such morning hours. Also my laptop would take hell lot of a time to start up. So the choice was obviously out of my list. “What else could I do???” was the only thought running on my mind. The room was small; I could not meddle with anything present in it. Perhaps, there was nothing in it. The activity list for that point of time was diminishing. I was simply wondering, why is it that I am not able to find anything productive to do at that time. Was it the laziness which is preventing me from leaving my bed??? Boredom, boredom and boredom….

Suddenly the idiot box lying in front of me caught my attention. Turning it on and watching some nonsense being shown on it was not my interest. I kept staring at it just like that. This continued for roughly half an hour. The barks of the street dogs distracted me. I realised it was 4AM now. I turned back my attention to the TV. Now, it was no longer the same old stupid box. It guided me towards my next article…the impact of technology. The TV cable was out of order. We had no channel other than DD-National. Inspite of knowing this, I was very happy with the small little TV laying there blank and silent in front of me. TV was something I always considered a distraction because if I used to turn it on once, I would keep watching it for hours.  So the absence of channels in it was a good thing as it could no longer provoke me to switch it on. The one channel in it brought to my mind the good old days of childhood when DD was the only channel at home.

Those days, when all these satellite and dish connections were not present in our country, at least not affordable for the common man, the entire family used to sit together, watch the same programme, let it be the evening news, the D/N cricket match or the late night movie. Watching TV was also not an addiction at that time. TV viewing was limited and not a must. It was just used as a means of relief after hours of work. Same was the case with several other electronic devices which were still in the nascent stage of development, with limited features thus making us use them to a limited level. Another big thing which we could never dream of changing our lives forever was the computer, a multipurpose device, although a look alike of the idiot box.

But now a days, computers and television sets are found everywhere. Any family that used to watch their single TV together now has multiple TVs with each family member tuning into his/her favourite soap or show without any restrictions. There are very few households without them. Just rewind the clocks one generation back. Books were (remember I am using were, not are) a part and parcel of any child’s life especially during the growing years of childhood and teenage. Now, books have a very small role in shaping one’s life. Our parents and grandparents could proudly say that they read so many books in their childhood. But what is the case with us??? Will we be in the same position??? Now, we find books overtaken by computers and TVs which have become the sole thing in children’s lives. Any free time productively spent by the past generations in reading books is now used by children for watching meaningless reality shows on the television and playing games on the computer that are loaded with bloodshed and adult content. Such involvements put children on the wrong track. They get influenced by all these things to such an extent that they believe them to be true and some start imitating these actions.

The change is not only in children. Same can be said about the working age. Take any firm for example; the type of work does not matter. One can find all its employees spending all their time in front of computers just staring at the monitors for hours and hours. (The sad part is my internship is also forcing me to work like them.) Obviously we cannot expect someone to be with those old office files while the world is marching forward in the scientific and technological sphere. One has to be constantly updated with the advancements and use them in a beneficial way. Their use should not be to an extent that it is detrimental to one’s health. Sometimes I feel blessed for not being in the computer science department as I find my poor friends of that branch spending day and night in front of their laptops, coding and debugging.

Technology in Everyday Life

Although the uses and benefits that these televisions and computers provide cannot be belittled, one should also look at their negative impacts. Where is the world heading to??? Is the technology a boon or bane??? I still sometimes feel that those days with a limited channels TV and no computer were the best of the happy and healthy times. Exposure to TV and computer, especially when not required is certainly not a good sign.

Well, I am done. This is what I wanted to say here under this topic. Before writing down this one, I realised that for typing this article I would again be exposed to the thing which I am advising others to stay away from. So for the first time, I have written an article in my book and then for the purpose of a softcopy of it, I am being forced to type it.

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