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Loki in Thor The Dark World

Click Here for First Trailer For Avengers: Age Of Ultron. It Is Really EPIC! Avengers Fight Avengers First World Problem Avengers And Their Pets Brother Wait Impossible Mission Avengers Night Lights Angry Avengers Avengers on Facebook Kittens Owned Which Item Is The Most Indestructible In The Avengers? … [Read more...]

This Diwali, let it be a green Diwali


Every year Diwali is celebrated by one and all across the country with joy and fervor. The preparations begin weeks in advance with thorough cleaning of the house, renovating/ painting offices and homes, buying gifts for loved ones and stacking up crackers to burn on the day. Burning crackers has been an important component in Diwali celebrations since long. Though it is no … [Read more...]

Get ready for Diwali!


Diwali – the festival of lights…. …. And sweets, and crackers, and fun, and gifts! Diwali is a lot more than just a festival. For men, women, and children whether young or old, all look forward to this festival for various reasons. And the preparations start with the annual cleaning up of the house before Diwali. Many have their homes renovated before the auspicious day. … [Read more...]

Is Diwali kuch special ho gya…

Happy Diwali

The hostel is silent and dark, plunged in spooky vibes! The barking of dogs at night is getting me cold feet. It's difficult to find any student. It seems as if i am at a haunted hostel! :P Most of the students have left for their homes to celebrate Diwali but I haven't, because, this year I wanted to celebrate Diwali in my own way. For me, Diwali has always been a synonym for … [Read more...]

Happy Diwali Guys !


So finally the glittery night of sparkling lights is back again ! No matter how many festivals we celebrate the entire year, the mirth and brawl associated with Diwali has its own special place in our lives...isn't it ? I just had a sneak peek outside my room's window...Woohooo !! How beautifully lights have enshrouded the entire landscape rendering happiness and cheerfulness … [Read more...]