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I Love you Dad


“Dad please don’t leave us, please don’t leave us; Dad!!!”

The dream broke Rahul’s sleep yet again, his throat was dry and he was drenched in sweat completely. Lately, these dreams have been haunting Rahul every night, he would see a vague image of his father leaving him and his mother behind and walking out on them. He was a little kid then, just 4 years old,  when his father left him alone with his crying mother. He hated his dad, for he was responsible for those tears in his mother’s eyes.

Ten years had passed since that horrifying day but the hatred inside Rahul kept on increasing day after day, there was an rage inside him, he started hurting others, he found joy when he hurt others, he did not have any friends either, the only person he cared about in this whole world was his mother.
But the regular complaints led his mother to send him away, send him away to a boarding school.

i love you dadAt first Rahul did not like the idea of staying in that jail. Yes jail it was for him, as he was unable to do things there which he did outside. He used to feel suffocated in there, just as a bird inside a cage. Slowly, things started to change; he made some very good friends there, who were just like him, who loved breaking rules put onto them by the authorities. They became very good friends, more of like a family to each other, with each other for 24 hours a day.

It was his mother’s birthday next month; Rahul had been saving his pocket money for a long time to buy a nice sari for his mother. On the day of town walk, he did bought a very nice saree for his mother, a red color saree, red was her favorite color, she would look very beautiful in this, even the thought made Rahul smile.

“no, you won’t be permitted leave during mid term “, shouted the angry principal.
” but sir, it’s just for one day. It is my mother’s birthday, please sir ” Rahul pleaded.
” no means no, Rahul go back to your class and concentrate on your studies, leave right now.”

Sitting in his dorm Rahul had tears in his eyes and he was angry, very angry. How that SOB principal could would not let him go, just for one day!!!!!!
He’ll go, he’d have to at any cost.

It was 2 in the night when Rahul silently jumped from the school gate and left, he had only a backpack in which he had kept his mother’s gift. It was his mother’s birthday today. He ran as fast as he could.

Entering his house he could see a little crowd gathered, must be a celebration for her birthday.
“But, maa never celebrates her birthday”!!!!

As he entered the living room, he was shocked, shocked to see his father’s body laid down, his mother crying hysterically, relatives consoling her, with tears in their own eyes. Rahul could not take this, he was confused, there lay a man he hated the most in this whole world. Why would anyone cry for someone like him, why?
Its better that he is dead, he deserved a painful death.

” oh poor soul, you know he was suffering from blood cancer”.
” what ”
” yes, that is why he left his wife and kid, left to live on his own, he did not wanted his kid to grow up around a patient in the house, with smell of medicine all around.”
” even though, he did not lived with them, he performed every duty of his as a husband and as a father.”

Overhearing this conversation Rahul felt dizzy, how could this be, he felt weak in his knees, why didn’t his mother tell him this, why dad had to go away why!!!!! there were so many question he wanted to ask to his mother, there were tears in his eyes, he was angry, not on his father anymore but on himself, he didn’t hate him now, he hated himself….

He wished he could just for once tell his father ” I love you dad”.

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