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Songs.pk banned in India


We really don’t care what happens to people like Kasab but really care about piracy. What an irony.

Access to music sharing site Songs.pk has been banned in India, following a petition in the Calcutta High Court by Indian music industry bodies Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) and Indian Music Industry (IMI), and music label Sagarika Music Pvt Ltd.

Songs.pkThough for a few days even after the issue of order, the site was accessible via Airtel Broadband and BSNL, no such loopholes exist now and it seems pirated music downloaders will have to find an  alternative soon.

While the ban could set a precedent in India putting the onus on intermediaries for blocking websites allegedly offering pirated content, it also means that more sites could be blocked. Last year, Reliance BIG Pictures got a John Doe order leading to ISPs banning all file sharing sites for a specific period of time, which also resulted in the sites getting blocked for users who use them for sharing documents, in a legal manner. That first order, for the movie Singham, led to many more such John Doe orders. This case could set a precedence against pirated music sites.

What I am troubled about is, after Mega Upload and similar sites, there has been a chain reaction and many filesharing sites are being blocked. If this continues, then people like me who use File Sharing sites for many purposes (All legal I assure you!), will be badly affected.

Well, RIP Songs.pk!

Good news is that songspk.pk is live!