India – New Destination For All!!!!!

Come 2011 and all eyes would be on INDIA, wondering why?? Next year the new destination for job seekers would be – India. India has pulled ahead of China with a whopping 42 percent net hiring outlook for the first quarter of next year.

Closely following India is our competitor China behind at 40 percent, a 2 percent decrease from last quarter. After India and China it is Taiwan, with a net employment outlook of 37 percent. 64,000 human resource directors and senior hiring managers from public and private concerns worldwide were surveyed by Manpower and it came up with the list which has ranked India as the next big thing as far as “job sector” is concerned.

“This is very much a macro-economic look at new job creation,” the staffing firm’s Chairman and Chief Executive, Jeffrey Joerres was quoted saying. Each of the surveyed heads were asked about their expectations for hiring in the first quarter of 2011. Almost half, 47 percent of them came from 10 countries in the Americas, 24 percent from eight countries in Asia and the Pacific, and 29 percent from Europe, the Middle East and Africa Next in line after the top three countries are Brazil, Turkey at 27 percent. “There are 75 million people in Turkey,” Joerres notes, “more than people realize”. And so, despite a persistent debt hang over, there are ample of consumers buying stuff and driving growth, hiring and employment if I put it that way. Last but not the least after Turkey is Singapore, with a net hiring outlook of 26 percent for the first quarter.

But the most interesting part is India topping the list. It would be fascinating to see the job scenario in 2011 in our very own country!!

Angana Das,

B.A. (Hons) 1st year, Political Science,

Indraprastha College For Women, DU.