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Apple iOS6 Maps – the technological marvel


To err is human, to err fatally is Apple!

Welcome To Apple’s iOS6 Map

A whole new world has been created by Apple’s new wonder, the iOS6 map.

See for example this classic gooey bridge. Seems familiar. Oh! It was supposed to be Tacoma Narrows Bridge at Washington.

ios6 maps

And this one is… dunno. Should be some scene out of LOTR eh! or did Thor do this to some countryside?

Tech Blogger Michael DeGusta analysed Apple’s charts to see how many were laughing about the new maps.
He says that the users are not concerned about whether they have to use Apple map or Google map, all they want is a useful thing. And just because of their stupid rivalry, Apple has risked upsetting a large userbase.

He says, Based on past data2, it’s likely that at least 200 million users will upgrade to iOS 6 in the next two weeks. Even if only 1 in 10 people are upset by these changes, Apple will have 20 million unhappy customers on their hands, roughly equivalent to the entire population of Australia.

Oh look! Another bridge hit by an asteroid. This is Manhattan Bridge in iOS 6 Maps.

Manhattan Bridge in iOS 6 Maps

uh oh… If a plane tries to land on this runway, there will be some cleaning up to be done.

This seems scary. Anyone up for a ride?

And this my dear friends is a post apocalyptic world, where many features are going to vanish out of the blue.

Someone has even started a tumblr channel about

The Amazing iOS 6 Maps
The Apple iOS 6 Maps are amazing. Not.

You can check it out here

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