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Facebook wants you to “Promote”


Facebook users can now pay to promote their posts, thanks to the new “Promote” feature released by Facebook.

If there is an important announcement regarding your birthday bash or marriage or your college band, could be any important thing, you would want more friends and subscribers to see it. Despite posting about it a number of times, if your friends have also flooded walls with their own updates, your post might not get noticed. By paying to promote, your update gets pushed up in the news feed and lets more people see it.

FB began testing the feature in May in New Zealand. Since then it has been released in 20 countries including India. But only select group of users are able to access this as of now. Users with less than 5000 total friends and subscribers. If you are not getting the Promote option right now, you will just have to wait a little more.

The option for paid promotion is already available in all Facebook Pages with starting cost of $5 (in India). For the promote feature in your personal user profile, the price in India starts at INR 16, for other countries it is around $7.

Once you put your money into it, you also get to see stats displaying number of regular views and number of paid views.

The only drawback is that now your FB wall may get populated with paid feeds from richer friends!

Indian users can pay via the following options (please read the payment terms clearly before making any transactions)

  • Mobile Phone
  • Credit Card
  • MOL Points
  • Western Union
  • Money bookers