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Mayong – Myth or Reality


Assam is known for many beautiful things like the untouched natural beauty, the ancient historical temples and sites. But one aspect that remains largely untouched is the mystical land of Mayong known for Black Magic.

For the unenlightened ones, black magic is that family of magical spells and traditions that are performed for evil and selfish purposes.

What makes this land situated in Marigaon district of Assam (in)famous for black magic is not very clear, but history and first person accounts show that many incidents point out to such practices being prevalent in the land. Many families still have ancient scripts of mantras. But most spells and practices are passed on by word of mouth over the generations.

It is said that hundreds of years ago a Nepali King brought magic to the valley. Magic became a way of life and day to day problems were tackled with magic.

Mayong AssamMagic everywhere

Among the more known spells/practices, the back curing one is most widely referred to. In this, a bez (witch doctor) enchants a copper dish and it magically sticks to the person’s skin and the pain goes away within seconds.

Apart from that, people claim to have been cured by witch doctors from a distance (distance curing) by chanting spells while cutting special herbs.

Another one was where a lady lost her bangle and went to the bez for help. He placed a flower on a metal dish, the flower moved by itself and went to the place where the bangle was.

There are more like the Mohini Mantra (for attraction between two people), Uran Mantra (to fly). Claimed to be existent, but no factual evidence is available.

Stories/Fables associated with Mayong

The officer and chilly

Once a government officer was invited for a feast. He was served wonderful dishes. The officer asked for a few chillies. The host simply smiled and clapped his hands. And chillies appeared out of nowhere. The officer was so shocked that he asked for a transfer the very next day.

Fish weight

It is said that a fish bought from Mayong weighs less when you take back home.

The dying tradition

Most of the eyewitnesses of these magics are old, mostly octogenarians. They claim to have seen the witch doctors work and people in many households practice magic everyday. But the present generation does not have any interest in these. It is said that one needs a lot of practice and patience to master the spells. Instead, people now prefer to go for regular jobs to earn money.

Some still practicing bez say that the practices have a scientific explanation.

There are many books documenting the study of these spells, herbs and practices.

If magic fascinates you, you don’t have to travel to fairy land or magic school; you can study it very close to home, in your very own Assam in India.

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