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Dipankar Choudhary – DC from DCE ki story


Well I was told that this introduction need to be the informal one, unlike the “ Job dilao resume types “ So Here I go telling you about awesome or not so awesome life..(You decide)

DC from DCE ki story.

I am a 20 year old engineering student from Delhi Technological University formerly DCE. (Yeah… the big thing in my life)

Hail from a little paradise in Jharkhand – Hazaribagh; calm place, densely forested and full of mountains and brooks;which hide million untold stories including many of my childhood. Must say, I had an amazing childhood, did everything from exploring mountains, riding my bicycle in the wee hours, chasing pretty faces, getting bruised, eating fruits from the trees and the list goes way too long to be listed. I studied in St. Xavier’s, a Christian missionary school. So most of teachers were priests and bishops. The school was known for its strict discipline. One of our vice-principals, father Paul Horan, an Australian priest, was the most dreaded teacher. He was famous for his unusual ways of punishing the kids. Things like flogging and making us run around the field was a common way of punishment for him. Being an extrovert one, I took part in almost everything; won tons of prizes in my school and in inter school events like extempore, elocutions, science exhibitions and debating. Sports were left as no exception as I was in the Basketball team of the school. (Yay! in 10th, I was 10/10).

During this glorious time Mihir and Rahul pair of my “chuddy buddy” were my partners in all my crime and now also, I feel like “The Three Musketeers” when I am with them. Another blast from my childhood is Ruchika. I have known her as a toddler, as a teenager and as an adult; and my liking for her never seemed to lessen. It grew in leaps in bounds with every passing day that I spent knowing her. After finishing my class 10th I moved to New Delhi.

I scored amazingly well in the boards so my parents decided to put me up in DPS RK Puram. Through I was initially not happy about it, guess because I had no idea that what an amazing life I was going to have there and also because I wanted to take admission in the school where my crush took admission which seems so funny and stupid now.

Anyways with DPS I embarked on a new voyage in my life. I was a hosteller there and hostel rules were very strict. We were not allowed cell phones and we couldn’t leave the hostel campus, not without the company of our local guardian or parents and that too only twice in a month and only on holidays. Initially, I loathed that place. One reason being continuous ragging and bullying by the seniors. I had never been so humiliated.

DPS was an amazing place, full of opportunities. It was like a Launch pad from where you could launch yourself in different directions. It was full of glamour and hot girls. I had my share of romance and love there, though it was not much, sadly. There in standard 11, I was mostly concerned with my academics so I hardly had time for any extracurricular activity. Anyways since I was a more or less good guitarist, I always had the chance to perform at different places. That was the only extracurricular activity I engaged in those two years.

The DPS episode is unfinished without the mention of Kanishak and Srijan.

Kanishak a student of IIT KGP now;is the most intellectual and hard working in all my close friends. For one thing that I can say about him is, He is the guy with most patience, perseverance and dedication; I have ever met. He was my roommate for the two years in DPS and he taught me a great deal.

Srijan, my DPS buddy, an amazing guy who’s been with me since my DPS days. He and I took a drop together from studies. He’s one guy with tremendous emotional strength and I must say that he’s been my true buddy in most dire times. When a friend in need, is a friend indeed.

I scored quite well in my class 12th board exams and I could have gone for a good general degree course in some college but rather I preferred engineering. On my first attempt I was not very successful in engineering. I got an average rank in all India engineering exams and couldn’t clear IIT. So I decided to opt for another attempt. I took a year drop and studied again but this time god had some other plans for me. I got sick just 3 months before the exams and had to admit in the hospital. I couldn’t recover, only till a week before the exams. This was clear stroke of bad luck. I couldn’t do anything about it. Nevertheless, I didn’t do too badly in any of my entrances. I got a reasonably good rank and later took admission in DCE. Just for the record, I also cleared SCRA exams, which is one of the toughest and most coveted exams and it has only a handful of seats.

During my preparation year I met this girl through a common friend of mine. Initially for a couple of months we didn’t even care if the other existed since we were very busy in our studies. But later towards the end of the year, we really hit it off. I fell hopelessly in love with her. I didn’t even come to realize how it happened.Well, there was no particular hour, no given day. She and I had this amazing chemistry but pity, it didn’t work out for her. For me, I was blindfolded. I didn’t know what to do. She was the only girl who had ever been so close to me. I loved her and loathed her. Anyways we continued being friends for a couple of more months until it ended completely. I was heartbroken. I still talk to her now and then but the feeling I once had has become dormant.

By the way…
Sometimes I do really feel my life is typically an engineering student’s life; fair grades, good sense of humor amazing choice of music and intimate crushes but no girlfriends.
I mean… engineers are the perfect guys on earth girls get married to still we don’t have girlfriends when we want… (Boohoo… :()

And now the best people in my life – My family the most loving family I could have ever wished for. Every bit of what I am and what I will be in future, I owe to them. My mom’s an amazing lady. She works for WHO, a wing of UNESCO and if not for her chiding and scolding and endless love, I could never have been anything. My Dad; one of the best advisor and counselor one could ever wish for. My elder sister: – the intellect symbol of my family. I wish I could be half as intelligent and hard working as she. Currently, she’s doing her post graduation from PGI Chandigarh. OMG!! Yes she’s a doctor.

There’s another guy who has been my mentor for so long. I met him in a train, on a school trip to Goa. He’s called Sean Lucey. He’s a German and over the last decade he has been in touch with me through mails and telephonic conversations. I must say, he’s been a true inspiration at some really bad times.

DipankarI aspire to become an IAS officer; big dream; I know but I know I can do it. After all everything’s achievable with hard work. As a student, I have always stood out. Though I tried mixing with the masses, I couldn’t do it for very long. I despise mediocrity even if it’s in me. I don’t aspire to be a mediocre. I am true to my word and very punctual. I do lie, when the situation demands. I have done things of which I am not particularly proud of but then everyone has a dark side. I may or may not do them again but I am sure about one thing and that is; I will make my existence on this planet count and make my life worthwhile not only for myself but also for others and in the end it is all that matters.

In this short life I have lived so far; I have had experienced some pretty amazing things. I have loved, I have been loved back, I had my heart broken, I saw my dreams shatter due to no fault of mine, I have succeeded and I have failed miserably, I have cheated and I had myself cheated, I have felt jealously, I have committed crimes, I have laughed and I have cried.

I have been so competitive and I have realized that one should never waste his time on jealousy. Sometimes you are ahead and sometimes you are behind and in the end the race is only with yourself.

I don’t know what else life has in box for me but whatever it is; I promise to myself; I will make the best out of it.

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