Indian Amateur Boxing Federation suspended by the International Boxing Association

In a second blow to sportsmen in India, AIBA (International Boxing Association) suspends the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation on grounds of possible manipulation in its election results. IABF has denied the charges stating that the election process was transparent and there was no issue of manipulation.

​Indian Amateur Boxing FederationThe decision comes the same week as the announcement of International Olympic Committee suspending the Indian Olympic Association [Read full news here] for government interference in its election process.

The suspension is provisional for IABF as the body got to know about the case of manipulation (suspected) a few days earlier only and a complete investigation will be launched soon. A specific potential political link that is to be seen into is between IOA President, as former Chairman of the IABF, and the IABF election.

The September elections

Outgoing President Abhay Singh Chautala was retained in the body as a nominated chairman, he had been elected despite IOC’s suspension. Chautala had come into the body as a IABF representative. And things get further interesting as his brother in law Abhishek Matoria who is BJP MLA from Rajasthan was elected the new IABF President unanimously.

Matoria’s reaction to the allegation of manipulation in elections is pure surprise, he claims that unanimous decisions do not necessarily mean manipulation.