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Khiladi 786 [Full Movie Story]


The movie starts with a scene from a mandap. Emran Hashmi is Mansukh Bhai who, along with his father arranges marriages. But Mansukh has a cursed luck and each marriage that he has arranged has been a failure. And so it happens with this one too and his father gets very angry. Emraan Hashmi is thrown out of his house and his neighbors make fun of him. The tone of the movie is still not set, it seems till here like a soft comedy of errors. But the next scene grooves you to the Khiladi tune.

LOC border, a police jeep is standing and some trucks are coming down the road. The police lower the barrier to stop the trucks, but a pathan (looking) driver speeds up the truck, break the barrier and zoom past. But the police are not worried as the sardar ji in the police says “Bahattar ji dekh lenge”. We all know who bahattar or 72 is – Akshay Kumar.

A tabela or cow shed is shown where the pathan is shown to be actually smuggling gold bars. The tabela is just a ruse; it is actually a place where cross border smuggling is done. And bang enters Akshay Kumar in a 4×4 jeep breaking the door. The jeep does several 360 degrees with music blaring in the background and he says “Khiladi is back!”. The smuggler threatens “hey police! Go away quietly”. To which Akshay Kumar says “Punjabi na kabhi chupchaap aate hain, na hi chupchaap jaate hai” (Punjabis neither come quietly nor go away quietly). Akshay Kumar introduces himself

Naam Bahattar, Zilla Malkhanpur, Gaon Taasi, Sir pe haath Rab ka, Aur haath mein 786!! I’m back

The smuggler jests that he will beat him up in a jiffy and suddenly we see him vanish. Everyone seems stunned and ask where he went. Akshay Kumar says

Duniya me teen cheese hoti toh hai par dikhti nahin hai – Ek, bhooton ka sansaar, doosra sachcha waala pyaar aur teesra, meri raftaar (there are three things which exist but no one can see – One, the world of ghosts, second is true love and third is my speed)

Then a flashback is shown how Akki had speedily kicked the smuggler and landed him in a garbage dump.

He then goes on to beat up everyone and then the police arrive. Bahattar (Akshay Kumar) tells the senior to distribute the cows and buffaloes among the villagers and open a school in the abandoned tabela. The sardarji in the police team also informs Bahattar that another family has rejected their marriage proposal. It seems that the handsome young man is having a difficult time finding a bride.

A song and dance –

It is shown that Bahattar’s family is rather colorful and unique family – Bahattar’s grandfather had married a African lady who is now his bebe, his father Sattar (70) Singh married a Canadian and his uncle Ikattar (71) Singh married a Chinese woman. His nephew is Chauhattar (74) Singh. In case you are wondering where Tihattar (73) Singh is, he is the missing brother of Bahattar Singh who got lost in a mela.

Scene shifts to Mansukh (Himesh Reshammiya) sitting outside a coffin shop with Jeevanlal (played by Sanjay Mishra) who is the owner of the shop and thinks he looks like Amol Palekar. Mansukh is very sad about being thrown out of his house and curses himself how he cannot accomplish even one marriage properly.

We see a car being driven very rashly by Indu (Asin) in a Marathi bride’s attire with a very scared looking man in a groom’s attire urging her not to drive like this. She is driving very dangerously when by chance Jeevan throws Mansukh’s bottle of alcohol and it lands on Asin’s car and smashes the front glass, she loses control and the car hits headlong a lamp post. Indu gets out angrily and the man gets out still scared. Apparently he had come to propose marriage, she angrily takes out a gun and shoots at the man’s feet and he runs away. Mansukh and Jeevan watch on in awe at the young lady’s actions. A car with some gundas follow and ask her eagerly what happened. She tells them vehemently that the two had smashed a bottle in her car for which it crashed (she is not lying, just angry). They catch Mansukh and Jeevan who tell them that they arrange marriages. The gundas look very happy and take them to a lavish mansion.

Enter Mithun da as TTT  (Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar), the infamous man in Mumbai. TTT seems to be a nice man except that he is a gunda. He wants a groom for his sister Indu and wants the man to be from a good family. Mansukh accepts the responsibility.

Khiladi 786

He tells Jeevan that only one man can straighten and handle a girl like Indu – Bahattar Singh whom he had met once in Punjab while he had beaten up a whole gang of smugglers.

Now so far we are under the impression that the Singhs are a whole family of cops, but the truth is something else. Actually a policeman has given them police clothes and they help him catch smugglers. Then the police and this family divides the loot in half. So Bahattar’s family is actually cons working for the good of society by catching smugglers.

Jeevan and Mansukh go to his house and propose the marriage. But as Mansukh thinks they are high ranking police officials, he thinks they will not accept marriage proposal from a don’s house. So he tells them that TT is also a police man. The family though scared about marrying into a family with a high ranking police man, but they do not want to let this opportunity go.

Meanwhile when TT learns that Mansukh has lied he is initially very angry. But he is coaxed into playing along as otherwise Indu will not get a good husband. What follows is a comedy where the poor gunda TT has to learn to behave like a police and learn their slogans and everything.

Finally a huge group arrives in a very colorful truck to TT’s place. Indu is watching from the terrace and throws a flower pot at him but he catches it. Mansukh explains to him that she is throwing flower with the vase as a token of love. Being the simpleton that he is, Bahattar accepts the explanation. Again, while serving tea Indu tries to trample his foot with her heels. Mansukh explains that she is testing his strength.

She also takes him on a drive and drives rashly to scare him, but he simply switches positions and drives even more rashly!

It is then shown that Indu loves a goon Azaad who is in jail. On Independence day he is to be released in a ceremony involving a minister. When the minister is about to release him a fly that had bothering Azad lands on the minister’s face. Azad slaps him and is thrown back into jail.

Meanwhile Bahattar is totally in love with Indu but is unable to understand why she is being so cold to him. Mansukh explains that she is just shy. And Mansukh has been told by the sardarji that they are actually cons (he was drunk while confessing) but Mansukh wants this marriage to happen and so does not reveal anything to anyone.

Azad is again being released one day but he inadvertently sets fire to a tank of thinner that blows up a jeep and he is again arrested. Indu is worried as to what will happen. One day when Bahattar on Mansukh’s insistence asks her out for a night of clubbing, she suddenly gets a call from Azad saying he is being released. She asks him to meet her near the club so they could get married that night.

Bahattar takes her to the club in his truck. He is having a good time inside when she suddenly comes out. Azad is standing on the road opposite to the truck when he picks up a red flag lying on the road but actually that red flag is being used by protesters in the city. When police see him, they catch him again. Indu can only curse.

Finally the next day she takes Bahattar to the jail to introduce him to Azad. When Azad insults him, he hits the wall which shatters and break (yes, Akshay’s punches can crumble solid walls). But as Indu said she wanted to marry Azad, Bahattar assures her he will help her do that.

That night he again dresses as a cop and goes to the jail. He tells the jailor that he has been sent by the minister who Azad had slapped to shoot Azad in a special illegal encounter. They leave Azad with him. He takes him to Indu. When Indu and Bahattar are talking, they both confess that they are not from police families. Azad gets irritated and tries to slap Indu so Bahattar beats him up. Indu also decides not to marry Azad but marry Bahattar.

At the mandap one after the other incidents happen that ultimately leads to the truth being revealed to the families that they had both lied to eachother. Taking advantage of the situation Azad kidnaps Indu and is taking her away to marry her forcefully.

Azad arrives (again his speed is mentioned as he overtakes the goons). He beats up everyone one by one in an epic khiladi  fashion. Mithun aka TT also comes to beat up a few. A full on Bollywood masala action scene follows where the poor Azad is very badly and pathetically beaten up along with 200 other goons.

In the end Tihattar Singh (73) also arrives and Bahattar and Indu marry.

All in all, a funny movie with Akki style action and drama. Not much of rona dhona, and not much of a fresh story. A one time watch but worth it!