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Honey Singh releases “This Party Gettin Hot” [Video]


December 27, 2012 –

Full video of Honey Singh “This party getting hot”

December 20, 2012 – Presenting First Look Of This Party Gettin Hot Featuring Jazzy B & Yo Yo Honey Singh

Scene – Vast desert, sandy dunes, sun shining bright. And in comes a yellow Hummer driving smoothly among the sandy terrain. And guess who sitting on top with a big mean gun in his hand? Yo Yo Honey Singh!. In his rustic style he drives upto an approaching Police van which is transporting convicts. He commands them to stop. Jazzy B steps out of the police van as a convict, gives a high five to Honey Singh and the party is all set to get hot!

The music video will release on December 25, 2012.

This Party Gettin Hot Honey Singh

Jazzy B and Honey Singh are taking punjabi music industry to new heights!