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Ten Best Rock Bands


I rubbed my hands in excitement and I sat crossed legged in front of the computer. I screened through the music files and checked every band that I had ever listened to. The rock gods that I have worshiped all my life had to be appeased anyhow, and so I got to work. Now before you move on to the list itself, let me say that I have tried to be as objective as I can while I try to pick out if Iron Maiden is better than Metallica or should The Offspring be included or The Ramones. Be fair, it is not an easy task, and so while some bands get bumped down, the others are given a fair chance to compete. With all due respect to Rock and Roll, let the charting begin!

Rank            Name                          Sub Genre

1           Led Zeppelin               Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Yes, no matter what, Led Zeppelin will always remain at the  top of my list, not only because of their legendary song,  Stairway to Heaven, but because they produce unimaginably beautiful songs again and again. This english rock band was formed in 1968 with likes of Jimmy Page (I often debate whether Jimmy Page is better or Slash!) at the guitar and John Bonham at the drums. They score an edge over the other bands because of their relentless experimentation with their music. Their was never an unoriginal song by Led Zeppelin and the songs to definitely check out are; Stairway To Heaven (for sure!) , Kashmir and the Immigrant Song!

2              Guns ‘n Roses          Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Call me a sucker for oldies, but Guns ‘n Roses would always remain special mostly because this was the band that initiated my interest in rock music. My playlist cannot be complete without the crooning voice of Axl Rose singing the song, Sweet Child o’ Mine. Can anybody seriously ignore the brilliance of Slash on the guitar? Even though he has left the band and gone solo he manages to singlehandedly redefine music in his own way. The album you do not want to miss is Appetite For Destruction, their first album took them to their initial fame and continues to be a must on the Rock fan playlist!

3             Iron Maiden                  Heavy Metal

Ok, so when it comes to serious head banging Rock and Roll, I cannot ignore Iron Maiden ( AC/DC and Metallica came close to winning this spot). This british rock band seriously redefined the way british heavy metal was percieved. Their music was new and innovative, and very different from the run of the mill bands that had captured the scene at that time. Considered one the most famous heavy metal band in the history of rock and roll, this band went on to release numerous gold and platinum albums. their music is uniquely characteristic in way that probably no other band can be. Songs to check out are Phantom of the Opera (beyond brilliant!) Run to the Hills, Two Minutes to Midnight, Fear of the Dark (check out their full album of the same name!) and Brave New World.

4             The Who                       Psychedelic Rock

Being one of the biggest fan of the genre (psychedelic rock that is) The Who is bound to be on the list. There is not one song of theirs that I have not fallen madly in love with. They have been responsible for the release of several gold and platinum albums since their inception in 1965. they rose to fame with their album My Generation and the songs that should definitely be listened to are I Can See For Miles (this song truly defined them and set them apart from the rest of the bands), Baba o’ Riley ( this song is a masterpiece in my opinion!) The Kids Are Alright, I Can’t Explain (one of their first few songs), Happy Jack and You Better You Bet.

5             The Eagles                   Folk Rock

Remember Hotel California? Tequila Sunrise? Having won six Grammys they were the most successful recording artists of all times. There is not much required to say about them as their work is self explanatory. I dont think there is even one rock fan who does not worship them and their music. They were unique, daring and different with their music as they combined the blues and the folk with rock and roll. songs that you cannot miss are Hotel California (no guesses required!), Tequila Sunrise ( one of their most beautiful songs), Desperado, Doolin – Daltin, Best of my Love, Life in the Fast Lane, Lyin’ Eyes and Take it Easy!

6              Dream Theater            Progressive Metal

Dream Theater has managed to remain my ringtone for a year, so it would be quite unfair not to include them! Formed in 1985 this American rock band is well known for its technical proficiency of its instrumentalists. Seriously, any band with John Petrucci at its guitar has to be brilliant. They achieved their peak at fame with their album Images and Words and have managed to score many awards for their technical prowess. Songs to check out are In the Presence of Enemies (my ringtone! :-P), Pull Me Under, A Change Of Seasons and their new album Systematic Chaos.

7          The Offspring                  Punk Rock

I seriously debated over the The Ramones and The Offspring for this spot. While The Ramones is the band that truly defines punk rock in America, The Offspring is my current favourite, mostly because of their serious punk attitude! This band rose to fame along with Green Day and Rancid and has released numerous gold and platinum albums. I love their innovative lyrics and their distinctive music. The songs to listen to are Come out and Play, Self Esteem, Gotta Get Away, Original Prankster (this is the opening track of Dare To Date on MTV) and their brilliant cover of The Ramones’ song I Wanna Be Sedated.

8              Red Hot Chilli Peppers            Alternative Rock

They are one of the very few bands that have seriously experimented with their style, fusing with psychedelic rock, traditional funk and punk rock. Their lyrics are extremely innovative and their distinctive music sets them quite apart from the rest of the bands. This band has won seven Grammys and has produced songs that have recieved huge critical and commercial success. Their initial success was due to the album Blood, Sugar, Sex and Magik and they went on to release hugely successful albums like By The Way, Stadium Arcadium and Californication. Songs to definitely listen to are Snow (Hey oh!), Under the Bridge, Dani California and Californication.

9                 Metallica                   Heavy Metal

This band is often talked about alongside Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax and is again one of the first few bands that got me hooked to Metal and Rock. Having won nine Grammys this band is undoubtedly the most commercially successful metal band of all time. It shot to unprecedented fame with their critically acclaimed hit single Master of Puppets. Songs that you cannot miss are Master of Puppets (undoubtedly), Nothing Else Matters, Memory Remains, Fear of the Dark, Fuel, No Leaf Cover (this song get you into a serious head banging mode), Whiskey in a Jar and St. Anger.

10               Van Halen              Heavy Metal

Can we ever forget Eddie Van Halen? I think almost every guitarist would want to be somewhat as good as him. Inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this band is one of the best heavy metal bands around. Their debut album has been certified diamond by the RRA and they have enjoyed unbelievable amount of success since their inception. Their debut album is one of the best rock albums, compiling their most famous songs. Check the songs Runnin’ With The Devil, Eruption, Panama, Hot For Teacher etc.

Other Bands that didnt make it to the list:


~Jimi Hedrix ( he is such a rock legend!!)

~The Doors (can’t ignore Jim Morrison!)


~The Ramones

~Alice In Chains

~Deep Purple

~Stone Temple Pilots


~Pearl Jam


~Sex Pistols

~ Indian Ocean (or as I like to call them: Barefoot rock legends! they have managed to fuse Indian folk and Rock music!)

~Them Clones (another promising Indian band)

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