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Samsung Galaxy S4 will launch in April 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4Tech lovers are getting mega excited about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and to add fuel to the fiery excitement, Korean website Enuri yesterday reported that Samsung was all ready to release the new device in April 2013.

The Korean company is tight lipped about the launch, but coming from a Korean tech website, we can pretty much vouch on the news. Here are a few things the report threw light upon.

Samsung Galaxy S4 specifications

The S Pen – Those who use Galaxy Note 2 know handy the stylus S Pen is. But unlike other conventional stylus, this one is more pen-like . So when using it, it will almost be as if you are using a normal pen and writing or selecting things in the smartphone. The S4 will come with the S Pen.

5 inch screen – The screen will be 5″ Active Matrix OLED. A series of electromagnetic induction touch input tool will recognise the applied pressure by S Pen thus giving you a more comfortable experience.

Gesture Recognition – Getting all geeky here, but this one is a major advancement. Light refraction characteristics are used in this technology. S4 will have the first infrared (IR) light emitting diode (LED) gesture recognition sensor mount. This system will detect gestures twice as fast as conventional camera-sensor-signal processing mechanism.

Highly powered processor – The quad-core ARM-based excimer North boasts of a high-performance, low-power 28nm high-K metal gate (HKMG) micro process manufacturing.

Android – Jelly Bean

Camera – 13 MP rear, full HD (a sure treat for the pic clickers!)

In November, we had posted about What we want in Samsung Galaxy S4. And it seems that most of our demands have been met. Thank you Samsung. Now we are simply waiting to get the news straight from the official cocoons, so hurry up big boys and give us the good news soon!

Simply, cannot wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4!
This is the video that went viral yesterday on Youtube by Rozetked – Hands-on Samsung Galaxy S4 – First Look (Render)