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CZ12 (Chinese Dragon) – Is it Jackie Chan’s last movie?


Direction: Jackie Chan

Actors: Jackie Chan, Laura Weissbecker

It is rumored that ‘CZ12’ or Chinese Zodiac is Jackie Chan’s last movie as an actor. But I, being a Jackie Chan fan for all these years or anybody across the world would definitely not want this legendary actor to retire like this.  Jackie Chan is the master of martial arts when it comes to action sequences but this movie is unfortunately a very huge letdown for all the Jackie Chan fans in the action + comedy genre which has made Jackie Chan’s movies universally so popular.

CZ12 Movie Review

In this movie, Jackie Chan plays the role of a treasure hunter whose job is to deliver 12 bronze heads of the Chinese Zodiac which was stolen from a former Chinese dynasty’s palace centuries ago. The location of some of these heads is known and Chan and his crew are hired to find the rest and get them to Oliver Platt (who plays the role of an antique dealer in the film). While on his job Jackie runs into Coco (Yao Xingtong), an activist working for an NGO dedicated to repatriating national treasures, to seek out the bronze heads. The movie was good until this point but when the first robbery ends and Jackie & his team are caught, the movie seems to be in a kind of mess.  Katherine (Laura Weissbecker), a bankrupt great-great-granddaughter of a French aristocrat appears to bail the team out. From here on the movie becomes a race against a bunch of pirates. The various characters from different nationalities spoke out in their mother-tongues and the absence of any subtitles made the film a little senseless.

CZ12 Chinese Dragon Jackie Chan Movie

The only other exciting things in the movie according to me were the superb stunts for which Jackie is known for. So now all the Jackie Chan fans can only wait and hope to have another Jackie Chan action sequence in the near future. I would say it’s definitely a onetime watch if you are one of the Jackie Chan fans.

CZ12 (Chinese Zodiac) trailer

Chinese Zodiac CZ12 – Behind the Scenes