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CBSE Class 12 Board Papers analysis 2013 – Physics


CBSE class 12The CBSE Board exams for Class 12 have begun. This year the exams stand to be very crucial as many entrance exams are going to count the board exam scores for admission merit lists. On the 5th of March Physics paper was held and students were in for slight surprises.

CBSE Class 12 Board Papers analysis 2013 – Physics

The immediate consensus has been that the question paper pattern devitaed from general.Those who had prepared selective topics ignoring those topics that seldom appeared in previous year board qs papers were troubled.

Value based questions were very easy (for an average student). The three sets of papers were more or less same on difficulty level. Certain sections were tough for average or below average student. The paper was not a simple cakewalk.

Instead of graphs there were more of numericals, the indirect questions threw some students off balance.

Another deviation from trend was the seven mark question on semi conductor. Mostly the question is a direct one on circuit diagram, but this year it was on the input output character of a transistor involving a numerical application.

Two main points are to be noted

1. Value based questions were easy and scoring.
2. There were more of numerical based questions.