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CBSE Class 12 Board Papers analysis 2013 – Maths


Students were unhappy with the Class 12 Maths question paper this year. To start with, the overall difficulty level was above average. Also one question in Set 3 was wrong. All in all, it was not a happy scene.

The question that troubled all students

A differential equation problem in Question 26 of Set 3 was wrong and many students wasted precious minutes trying to solve it. To this, CBSE says it was a printing error and students will not be penalized for the same. The error being – instead of y/x, the qs had x/y, which made the solution impossible. It was worth six marks. Many students wasted as much as 25 minutes to 45 minutes. This led them to lose out on revision and other questions.

This year’s Maths paper was tough and lengthy.

Parents from KV, Hebbal have written to CBSE Chennai region’s Regional Officer asking to take appropriate and remedial action as this year’s paper deviated from standard pattern. According to the parents, the questions were “beyond capacity” of a regular child.

This is the first batch of students who are giving traditional CBSE exam after giving CCE exam in class 10th.

CBSE Class 12 Maths Board Paper analysis (2013)

  • Four marks questions were tougher than usual. CBSE has a policy to maintain a difficulty level between 12-14 per cent, but for the past three years, the paper has been relatively easy. This year’s difficulty was unexpected.
  • The paper had several unexpected questions, and the class XII math exam is a career-defining paper in terms of admissions.
  • The fact that these students gave board exams for the first time, and Maths being a crucial subject might have made the experience more harrowing than ususal.
  • Compared to Physics and Chemistry papers, Maths was tough.
  • According to some students and teachers, it was “unusual” for the questions to have deviated from text book like patterns.

March 25, 2013: CBSE has decided to look into the matter. A subject experts committee will check whether the paper was tougher than suggested by board. Read complete news here.