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Men against rape and discrimination – M.A.R.D.


India has remained the male dominating country for long. Even today man is considered to be the supreme in every decision of the family in which voices of women is often  neglected, their rights are denied, their works are not appreciated, their opportunities are snatched. They are not only getting mentally abused but physically too. The cases of rape, molestation, harassment, acid throwing, dowry have increased drastically  which you come across daily in newspapers and television. Lot has been said and done and much more is pending. To bring the equality in status of women in every era, we need to walk many more miles. To abolish and stop these menace, M.A.R.D. – Men Against Rape and Discrimination, a social initiative of Fahran Akhtar, Bling and JWT together are doing their bit.

Every time I look into the mirror, I want to see a man whose mother ,sister ,wife and daughter are proud to call their own.

Above is the saying of filmmaker turned actor Farhan Akhtar who initiated an awareness initiative MARD to bring the equality status of women and to give them the respect they deserve from men. This initiative is a small step towards changing the mind set of people and thereby bringing a sustained change in society. Many celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Hritik Roshan, Arjun Rampal, Ritiesh Deshmukh are supporting it and spreading  the word through social media like facebook and twitter.

This initiative has come at a time when there has been growing numbers of rape cases across the country. Recent brutality with the 6 –year- old girl we have named Gudiya in Delhi earned is shameful for Indians. Actually this is not a crime of its own kind, the same has been happening across the nation. This shows people don’t mend themselves from happening and same crime again could be seen, this shows the lack of awareness among the people. And,whenever such horrendous crime happens their arises an immediate question- Are girl/women safe in India? This remains unanswered still.

This question also boggled Fahran Akhtar and he felt ashamed of being an Indian,where every hour assault cases against women add up to crime statistics. So, he started his small step towards the big journey to realize and remind men their basic and necessary duties that they have to respect and make women’s participation equal in every walk of life. This initiative has been getting much support from Bollywood celebrities and has attracted number of volunteer to spread awareness. Actor and celebs are urging people to take pledge for their support and be the catalyst of change. They  have their four point pledge as-

*I pledge to live with value of gender equality and respect toward women.

*I volunteer to become the catalyst for change.

*I pledge to instill these values in my family and friends.

*I pledge to spread gender awareness among my local community and school.

Can you take the pledge too?