21 Things Every Girl Should Know by Sneha Mehta-book review

21 Things Every Girl Should Know by Sneha Mehta-book review


21 Things Every Girl Should Know by Sneha Mehta

[pullquote align=”left”]Authored By: Sneha Mehta
Publisher: GRAPEVINE (2013) [/pullquote]

The purpose of a good book is to enrich the reader’s mind and soul by the time the last page is read. 21 Things Every Girl Should Know serves this purpose very well and at the right pace.

What is “21 Things Every Girl Should Know” about?

How different is a girl from a boy or a woman from a man?

When you say “different”, what does it mean? Does it mean better or worse?

Is virginity overrated?

Is the silent treatment the right thing?

Who is a feminist?

From puberty and periods to love-sex-drama, gharwale-baharwale and a lot more, being a woman is not easy. A gazillion questions arise in the mind of the girl as she grows up from her daddy’s princess to the queen of someone else’s household. From day zero, a girl is a girl and a boy is a boy-whether you like it or not and the author neither projects the former or latter to be better or worse. The fact is that they are just different.

Sneha Mehta has answered 21 major questions that a girl/woman thinks of but seldom gets the appropriate unbiased answers of. Before you pick up the book, remember it is NOT a grahini or savitha magazine that presents socially accepted take on matters. Instead the author has skilfully given scientific facts and research based answers to the questions. There are numerous examples taken from real life happenings. Incidents written as examples, you can relate to help you understand the issues better.

The book tells us about-

  1. How the rules have now changed
  2. The body secrets of a girl
  3. Female body myths and facts
  4. The “period” war
  5. What is the hullaballoo about virginity
  6. Sex and Sexiness
  7. What is “Making love” for women
  8. What women think and how
  9. Why are good girls attracted to bad men?
  10. The chosing best mate episode
  11. Things women do not understand about men
  12. Things men do not understand about women
  13. Career and life
  14. Why women come second in the larger picture often
  15. Feminism
  16. Intro questions to marriage
  17. Love marriage vs Arranged marriage
  18. Life after marriage and in laws
  19. Should prostitution be legalised
  20. Mother-daughter relationship
  21. How to regain your Mojo

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What we loved about the book

It is not every day that a self help book actually helps. This one does, 100%.

There are so many things that could be said about what we loved, but we will keep calm and elucidate in points.

Clarity: When a woman lectures other women or girls about being happy or being confident, the specch is usually sprinkled with “Men are bad”, “Men should respect women” and so on. They mostly forget the crux of the issue-if women really “deserve” respect, why do they have to demand it? Respect is something that is earned by an individual and not just because he is a man or a woman.

Sneha Mehta in “21 Things Every Girl Should Know” has given some very clear examples of how the ancient man used to hunt, the ancient woman used to protect kids and thus a basic social norm had developed over the years. Now things have changed as man no longer hunts and woman no longer protects kids in caves. Thus social norms change, but gradually and they need to be understood and moulded rather than expected to be delivered overnight.

Scientific basis and frank opinions: A debate where the views are being presented in a raised voice is not a good sign of a good debater. Rather the one who manages to keep a calm voice and still send across a point is the perfect one. This book does not hammer things into your head. Instead it develops a tempo, gives proofs, and tells solutions or the best way to handle situations.

We have read enough opinion pieces (which we respect whole heartedly, after all there are many issued that deserve high pitched shouting and demonstrations), 21 Things Every Girl Should Know by Sneha Mehta comes across as a fresh perspective at common problems that make-or-break millions of lives.

The X factor: How does a book on something that has been so written about stand apart? By being honest. Honesty on behalf of the author is what makes this book so interesting and a must read.

Instead of portraying the questions in a black or white light, it has been seen through a grey filter. After all, life does not work in black or white.

The most interesting chapter in our opinion is the one on Feminism and how women have failed women.

What could have been better in “21 Things Every Girl Should Know”?

If Sneha Mehta writes a part 2 of the book, she could elaborate more on a few more topics like

  • On rape victims
  • Those who have had troubled childhood
  • Girls raised by single mother/single father
  • The LGBT issue
  • And some more.

All in all, I would suggest you to grab your copy now!

Our Rating – 8.9/10

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