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If I were the Education Minister of India


education-conferenceVery often Indian education policy comes under scanner for many reasons- be it the new semester system or the modification of engineering and medical entrance examinations. Whenever our government brings some changes in the education system to improve it, things go in either way as it leads to widespread protests throughout the country. What if a common educated man is handed the position of education minister? Will it bring a change in positive way?

A minister should look up to bring changes at the root level. A recent newspaper report showed that only 35 minutes per day is the available time for playing for children of age group 4-10. Can you believe that? School, tuition, this class, that class leaves children in a state that they can’t afford to play. And still they are expected to give top class performance in sports. This is one serious problem.

Another burden on children is that of homework that hangs like a sword on their head. Don’t you think that the school homework should be completed in school only? Their little shoulders carry homework and class work copies of 5 subjects. Why? And then to add to their woes is that they are compared to the ‘topper’ of the class. Why can’t be there a single ‘topper’ in the class?

These are the grassroots problem. Students of high schools too face the music.

After 10th, nearly 90 percent parents want their child to become either engineer or doctor. Reason “scope acha hai”(“there is a good scope”).Really? And then what ….they are enrolled in coaching, foundations for IIT-JEE, AIPMT! And when they are unable to perform they are criticized and again compared to sons and daughters of sharmajis and vermajis. I want to ask those parents, have ever they asked their child what he/she wants to become in future? The answer will be simple ‘no’.

It is shameful to say that once India had gurukul study structure and in the past we have had Nobel laureates like Sir C.V. Raman. Today we have simply adopted an education system where they are not producing innovators but instead they are producing rats ready for rat race.

If I were the Education Minister of India

Now what do we need? What a common man demands from the education system? If I were the Education Minister of India, the first law that I will make will be no homework, all homework must be completed in the school itself and a compulsory one hour sports time in the school. This will increase the school time but surely will keep the burden away from children. Also whichever school does not follow these rules may have their recognition cancelled.

Creating awareness among parents and students should also be initiated by the government. To achieve this, government must organize some regular sessions organized for parents and students about the available career opportunities after school. The parents must know that a life still exists beyond engineering. Students must know what they have to do, how much they have to do and when they have to do in order to achieve their dream. Innovative ideas can pull out the Indian education system from existing sorry state and who knows that the country will again produce a Nobel laureate in the modern times.

AglaSem EduCon 2013

Don’t you think it is high time we gave a serious though to revamping the education system in India? The need of the hour is to first recognize the issues and then tackle them together.

For this purpose, AglaSem EduCon 2013 is being organized in December, 2013. With a panel of eminent dignitaries from the field of education, media and technology; a platform that involves students, researchers, entrepreneurs and academicians, EduCon aims to ring the bell for initiating an era of development in education. Come, be a part of the revolution.

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Mayank Rai is a student of U.S.I.T, I.P. university. Through his articles he wants to tell everyone about the need of innovation in the field of education. Presently he is also a part of AglaSem EduCon 2013.