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Learn your ABC with Grand Masti (Movie Review)


Who am I to comment upon a movie that has neither rhyme nor reason, yet is surely going to rake in all the moolah.

Grand Masti plot

Grand Masti starts with a very educational lecture by the three friends Meet (Vivek Oberoi), Prem (Aftab Shivdasani) and Amar (Riteish Deshmukh) as they teach young college students on what A, B, C mean. For the naive mind, let us drop a hint that they have nothing to do with Adam’s apple or your innocent beach ball or adorable pet cat. On the ladt day of college their college adorned by busty and scantily clad girls, get a new principal who vows to punish any man that dares to look upon any woman with lust filled desires. The trio thank their stars that they would have nothing to do with such a man and cheer with the hope and promise of enjoying their life beyond college with as much masti as they did in the walls of college.

The story shifts to six years later that shows how life has taken them to such points where their youthful days are mere memories for them. Disappointed with the mundane existence, they decide to go back to their college for the college reunion and have a Grand Masti. But on return their hopes and dreams are dashed as they find out that the colorful place has been turned into shades of grey with the new principal Robert Pereira. In the gloomy outset, they manage to find three beauties but the grand masti turns into quite an adventure as the story progresses.

Grand Masti Movie Review

The movie claims to be one of a kind Bollywood adult comedy, but let us humbly put that whoever claimed that could have been mistaken in their idea of comedy.

Ample cleavage display, cracks and wet clothes display is what defines and characterizes the movie. Double meaning jokes have been used generously, most of which were delivered well. The storyline however failed to impress.

The idea of an adult comedy can be best seen in movies like American Pie, Van Wilder and Euro Trip; and each of these have had a good plot to support and justify dialogues, scenes as well as characters. In Grand Masti on the contrary, it all seemed to be one big vulgar party mixed up with some lost story somewhere. The makers of the movie were more intent on focusing on clothes shedding to make up for the lack of story.

As a movie critic, it is a nightmare to review the movie as such. However, the houseful sign outside our local theaters suggest that the movie is sure to get a large audience in the coming week.

Should you watch it

Only if you want to spend a few hours laughing at slapstick comedy and have some fun with your pals. Be sure to keep your grey cells in some safe storage before purchasing your tickets.

Rating – 5.5/10

Grand Masti Trailer

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