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After all you are my destiny by Satyapal Chandra Book Review


I am not interested in girls at all

After all you are my destiny by Satyapal Chandra Book Review[pullquote align=”right”]Author: Satyapal Chandra
Publisher: Diamond Books[/pullquote]

Thus is the firm belief and ideology of the protagonist Ravi Shankar in Satyapal Chandra’s “After All You Are My Destiny”. What happens then, when such a boy with self confessed disinclination towards anyone from the opposite sex comes across someone who peaks his interest? Do sparks fly? Or does the fleeting impression of cupid’s arrow whizz past the exaggerated notion of love at first sight?

Set in the beautiful hill station of Nainital, the story begins when Ravi Shankar and Varsha Malhotra, two young college students bump into each other at Kathgodam station in Uttarakhand, stuck in a stormy weather. Written in first person narration through the eyes of Ravi, the novel takes the reader through fifteen days of his life attending a college cultural festival where he meets his “destiny”.

Author of “The most eligible bachelor”, Satyapal Chandra is a superhero when it comes to penning down stories. In a short span of two years, he has published a dozen novels, all of which have been received well by the Indian audience. After All You Are My Destiny is his twelfth novel and broadly speaking is a great read in the romantic fiction and college romance genre. However, the novelist has set the bar quite high for himself with his works like The most eligible bachelor and Golden Angel & The Darkness Of Midnight.
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What we liked about the book

The number of characters have been kept to a bare minimum and there are no knotty overlapping complicated sub plots or interweaving of storylines. The story is simple, heart touching and ideal for a relaxed loving read on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It might sound cliché, but the novel is best read with the sound of raindrops in background. Let us just say that the story being set in a beautiful location with a number of crucial scenes being played out in the rain, the reader would really connect to the flow of words in such an environment.

What could have been better?

The story is a little too much centred on Ravi; Varsha could have got a little more introduction and color. To make a man like Ravi fall in love, who abhors romantic liaisons, she must have been a sweep-you-off-your-feet person. Maybe we can get another story on her, won’t be bad, right?

Who should read the book?

Lovers of love stories and especially college age love stories should really grab a copy of the book.

Rating – 8/10

About the Author – Satyapal Chandra

Satyapal Chandra was born in Bihar, “a remote place where even today basic urban privileges are lacking“, he says. “I finished my education from a Hindi medium government school with a very tough childhood experience.”  He has worked with various companies at various designations including at a production house as creative head, director, screenwriter, and lyricist.

Official synopsis of After all you are my destiny

What happens when destiny conspires in favor of a girl-hater boy, who always claims that he is not interested in girls at all to encounter with a girl through a co-incidental journey where both were scheduled to participate in a cultural festival. Although girl was senior to him but he realizes that he has never seen someone like her and this incident changes his perception towards life and soon he realizes that how wrong his thinking was? They spend some time together and he breaks those all standards which he has set for himself and found a very strong inclination towards that girl. But before he could declare his very true feelings, he gets to know a very secret chapter of her life which makes his all dreams shattered? Should he again carry his girl-hating attitude to avoid those all unwanted embarrassment or dare to find a way to meet with his ultimate destiny?

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