What are you wearing today?!

What are you wearing today?!


Hell for you, fun for us’

80 tusi teh lassi @ Stucee

Ignited Brain of UBS

Either you are completely puzzled when you see this, or you are already smiling as you recognise where these belong. They happen to be painted on the tees every college goer wears today. From being a fashion statement, today these t shirts have become a necessary thing to prove to the world what you are.

In PEC, Ankit Garg, a third year mechanical engineering student says, “From your college, department or the club you are a member of, a tee can tell all”. Pradeep Sudeep, of the Department of Metallurgy informs that t shirts have been customised for every department. Together, the duo has designed a T-shirt (Rs 250) that gives a peek into the psyche of the students of Punjab Engineering College. Panjab University students, meanwhile, sport black tees that read ‘80 tusi teh lassi @ Stucee’ in Punjabi. Gagan Gupta, a second year student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering adds “This one is a tribute to the Students’ Centre and among the most popular”.

Pradeep and Ankit are not the only ones who have realised the market for these t shirts in colleges. Jaskaran Singh Arora brings in his brand Madfish, especially for specific colleges and Panjab University departments. He has already established himself in MCM College, DAV College and Government College for Girls. “Each design has been fashioned after much research and keeping in view what the college stands for”, he says. The students have a lot of say in what they get to wear. Even the color scheme is decided by them. .

The business school students are also catching up.  “Everyone in the department has at least one of these. The ones of International Business too are gaining popularity,” says Amit Bhatia, a second year student of MBA (Marketing). Some student societies have their own brand of t shirts and they also keep changing the color themes each year or so, to keep it different!!!

What more you might say, but now even election campaigns have their own wacky themed tees! What next!!!

So what are you wearing today?!