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ICC Recommendations: A review



The ICC chief executive committee (CEC) made a slew of recommendations which could change the face of the game, for good! Here’s a look at them.

The CEC has recommended two new balls, one from each end in ODIs.

Only one incorrect challenge to an on-field umpire’s decision to be allowed per innings, as ooposed to two, as at present.

Elective powerplays to be restricted between the 16th and 40th over of an ODI innings.

The rules will be effective from October 1. The CEC has also considered several other recommendations by the ICC namely, review of the number of overs a bowler was permitted to bowl in an ODI, increase in the number of short bowls permitted per over to two, in place of one , as at present,the number of fielders outside the 30-yard circle to be restricted to 4, during the non-powerplay overs.

International Cricket Council has also decided to do away with runners in all forms of cricket. Earlier if a player was injured or fell ill, then he was eligible for a runner while batting. But unfortunately this rule has been misutilised many a times, resultantly the spirit of the game reduces. Sample in a match against Australia, former English captain David Gower asked for a runner, but on the very next ball inadvertently took off for a runner and sprinted fatser then his running substitute.Even when a batsman gets tired, he opts for runner.

Many former players such as Sunil Gavaskar are objecting this decision of ICC giving arguments like why do away with runners when bowlers get nice little refreshing drinks on the hour. Why not get rid of substitue fielders as well. He also argued that ICC is giving more stress on brutality than skill, therefore fielders ( one who are most injured ) should be made to persist. Some have also argued that cricket is a sport in which one need not to be 100% fit, one can bat while he is injured( so, it’s no harm to have a runner ).

Cricket is an outdoor, physical sport. It is meant only for tough and fit players. Providing runner to a unfit bastman is like providing subsidy.Now a skilled batsman but unable to run won’t be able to show his craft and entertain the fans. Like other game, a player, who is not 100% fit will be be withdraw from the game. Even Sachin Tendulkar himself ran all the way through his 200-runs innings at Gwalior. Thus fitter players suffer less cramps and injuries and will stand to gain against the comparitively unfit lot with this new law, and this should be how in sport.