Parents – True Lovers

For you mom

How often have you confessed to your mom/dad: “I love you! Thank You for whatever you have done for me right from the day, I was born till this very day.”? Ever wondered if they didn’t stand by your side then who would’ve? Yesterday, I went to a ‘jagran’. The organizing family had a band to sing hymns and chants. Then from the family itself, a girl showed some courage and … [Read more...]

Education – The Way I See It

Google Glasses Augmented Reality

The introduction of the CCE i.e. the comprehensive and continuous evaluation has changed the landscape of school education as we know it and, as is the case with most such upheavals, it has resulted in heated arguments between its (few)supporters and (many)detractors!! This kind of adverse reaction has been anything but surprising, considering the massive changes that have been … [Read more...]

IIT Kharagpur Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015


Over the course of this year, Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Kharagpur has already undertaken various activities, including the Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive, a pan-India initiative to spread entrepreneurship in cities across India in 24 cities. Following on the successful culmination of the Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive, which saw close to 25000 participants in total, … [Read more...]

The Magic Of Music


When technically  described,it may be a conjunction of singing, dancing and playing instruments but for me it’s a language..a language which has no barriers, comprehensible to all and the one of the pristine forms to have a cordial alliance with almighty! After having spent years exploring the ulterior aspects of music through singing,  I can say that music is an indispensable … [Read more...]

Life, Death and

does god exist

I do try to paint her sometimes, see if I can remember anything that even remotely resembles her. I miss her. Do you believe in God? I don’t. It was a usual day, that one; perhaps, branding it the ‘darkest’ day of my life, won’t be exaggeration. I had no idea that she would be leaving me, all alone to fight off this world and its evils; my mother. Sometimes, I blame … [Read more...]