The Cacophony – Vibes of Disturbance


We experience it starting from the morning.Our alram clock is the best example of it. What exactly cacophony is that when an irritable or irresistible sound comes to your ears and make you feel uncomfortable.The same work our alarm clocks do. Eventhough if you'll keep your best song or tune as your alarm tone(in case of cellphones), you'll get fed up with that noise.Because … [Read more...]

Razia Fans Gai Gundo Mein


“Razia Fans Gai Gundo Mein” is my story in the movie. It’s a comedy film laced with drama and romance. And with a very important message on Hooch Mafia” says Tara. “People in our village, small cities are addicted to this illegal liquor and innocent people lose their lives because of it, but still people aren’t aware of this travesty. Death toll is high but media … [Read more...]

Evelyn’s Turns Rockstar in Kuch kuch Locha Ha


Devang Dholakia’s film Kuch Kuch Locha Hai has created a buzz for all the right reasons. Leading the way is the films unique casting. And now it has been revealed that Evelyn Sharma who is being seen in a leading role in the film and who is known for her gorgeous looks will not just burn up the silver with her glamorous avatar but also for her scintillating … [Read more...]

Ram Kapoor Turns Rapper in Kuch Kuch Locha Hai


Ram Kapoor is on a roll. He is not shying away from the new and experimental. With his film Kuch Kuch Locha Hai set for release on the 8th of May 2015, sources from the set tell us that Ram has left no stone unturned to bring his best to the table.   Ram, who will be seen playing a rich Gujrati Businessman living in Malaysia has infused his character will so much … [Read more...]

World cup 2015 India Vs Pakistan Highlights

India Vs Pakistan 2015 India Wins by 3 wickets India VS Pakistan Match is considered bigger than the finals of World Cup. People of both nations stick to their TV sets so that they don't miss a single ball of the match. The first victory against Pakistan came in 1992 World Cup when the Indian team was led by young Mohammad Azharuddin. In 1996 World Cup, Ind vs Pak is well … [Read more...]