New IIT JEE, AIEEE 2013 pattern and Exam Dates

New IIT JEE, AIEEE 2013 pattern and Exam DatesFrom 2013, common entrance exam for NITs, IITs, IIITs and class 12th marks to be taken into account

December, 2012:

November, 2012 : Fees, Registration, and other information released in Information brochure

October, 2012 : JEE Mains Application Form

There will not be any physical sale of forms. The forms will be filled up ‘Online’ only. The forms will be available on JEE-Main website. The form will be available from 1st Nov 2012 only.

JEE Main 2013 Exam Complete Information. Click Here

August 27, 2012 : Multiple Choice Questions only for JEE Advanced

JAB (Joint Admission Board) of IIT had been contemplating on the pattern of JEE Advanced. Though of it was the suggestion of many IIT council members that the test should include subjective questions, but it has been decided that for the 2013 exam, the pattern will be only MCQ. The pattern might be changed from 2014. But as at this time students will not get much time to get adjusted to another change if subjective qs are introduced, the decision of only Multiple Choice Questions has been finalised.

August 08, 2012 : Advance JEE 2013 Exam Dates, Eligibility and Pattern
The percentile based formula that has been debated for some time now has been finally accepted by IITs. The final decision is not much different from the plan proposed by HRD in late May.
Students need to first appear for the Screening Test (JEE Mains). Those who qualify this round can appear for JEE Advanced. It has not been clearly stated who will be setting the paper, but in general it will held under aegis of IITs which is one of saying IITs might not be directly involved.
The tentative date of JEE Advanced is June 2, 2013.
So guys, get ready!

Read more in detail about this update here

July 28, 2012 : In 2014, IIT JEE and AIEEE may be held separately again
This sounds really shocking. According to the reports, as the elections will be held in April-May 2014, the exam pattern will be decided by IIT bodies and they may revert back to the present system of separate exams of IIT JEE and AIEEE. In 2015, the government will be in power to decide what pattern to be followed.
The students who are presently in class XI will suffer the most with such indecisiveness in the system!

July 27, 2012 : IIT-Bombay polls against 2-tier exam system
IIT B Alumni Association (IITBAA) conducted a poll regarding the proposed JEE pattern. The questions asked were concerning process followed by HRD about the change, threat to autonomy and whether the brand IIT will get diluted by the new pattern.
As per the results, around 85% of students, 70% of the alumni, and 49% of the faculty members were against the new pattern.

June 28, 2012 : Final Compromised Formula
The entire process will consists of two exams – main and advanced – to be held on separate days. While the main exam will be conducted by the CBSE, the advanced exam that is likely to take place about a month after the main exam will be conducted by the IITs. The top 1.5 lakh students from the main exam merit list can take the advanced entrance exam. To be eligible for the IIT merit list the score of the advanced test as well as the condition that the aspirant is in the top 20 percentile of his/her board will be taken into account.

June 22, 2012 :
IIT D Senate has also decided to conduct its own entrance examination. This decision was arrived upon in the Senate meeting on Thursday. IIT K senate is in full support of the decision.

June 21, 2012 :
A compromise formula aimed at breaking the deadlock between teachers and HRD minister Kapil Sibal over admissions to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) could end up hurting hundreds of thousands of aspiring students.
Under the new formula, only the top 20% students in their respective class 12 board exams would be eligible for appearing in the IIT entrance exam.

Has Sibal gone absolutely crazy???

Read Sibal’s new brainwave ~ Only top 20% students of boards eligible for IIT

May 31, 2012 :

As JEE takes over the AIEEE will be folded up from next year and if all goes to plan so will Maharashtra’s MHT-CET. Rajesh Tope, minister for higher and technical education, said, “I welcome the decision to implement JEE from 2013 itself. Maharashtra’s MHT-CET now has to stop but a final decision will of course be taken in consultation with the school education minister Rajendra Darda.

May 28, 2012 : Initial announcement about the new combined exam had the following points

New IIT JEE, AIEEE 2013 pattern and Exam Dates(i) A Joint Entrance Examination for admission to the undergraduate programmes in engineering would be conducted in two parts, JEE-MAIN and JEE-ADVANCED.

(ii) The Class XII Board/equivalent marks normalized on percentile basis through an appropriate formula plus the marks obtained in the JEE-MAIN examination, with equal weightage, would be used by IITs for purposes of gating/screening. Only a fixed number of candidates (five times the number of the seats for admission in the IIT system or a pre-fixed cut-off) screened on the basis of merit assessed on the basis of cumulative score of normalized School Board marks and performance in JEE-MAIN examination would be eligible to be considered for admission. The ranking for admission to undergraduate programmes in IITs would be based entirely on the performance in the JEE-ADVANCED examination from amongst the candidates screened through this process.

(iii) For all other Centrally Funded Institutions, there would be 40% weightage for performance in Class XII Board marks normalized on percentile basis through an appropriate formula, 30% weightage for performance in JEE-MAIN and 30% weightage in JEE-ADVANCED and a combined merit decided accordingly.

(iv) JEE-MAIN tests shall be multiple choice objective type paper whereas the nature and modalities of the JEE-ADVANCED shall be determined by the Joint Admission Board of IITs.

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(v) The proposed changes will be effective from the year 2013 and both CFTIs and CBSE would work jointly.

(vi) The Joint Admission Board (JAB) of the IIT system would have complete control on matters such as paper setting, evaluation and preparation of the merit list, etc. over the JEE-ADVANCED and CBSE would provide the administrative support for conduct of the examination. For the conduct of the JEE-MAIN examination an expanded Joint Admission Board shall be constituted including the NIT system, other CFTIs and State Government representatives in an appropriate manner. CBSE will provide the administrative and logistic support for the conduct of JEE-MAIN examination across the country.

(vii) The process of establishing co-ordination between COBSE & JAB-IITs for implementation of the core curriculum in sciences and maths across the CBSE, ICSE and State Boards shall be put in place immediately.

(viii) Those students who have appeared in the Class XII Board examinations in 2012 and wish to improve upon their performance can appear again for the Board examinations in 2013. CBSE and State Boards would make appropriate arrangements to facilitate this through a special dispensation.

(ix) The transparency processes established by the IIT system presently and in AIEEE-2012 shall be adopted for the JEE-MAIN and JEE-ADVANCED too.
Press Board of India

Final Announcement regarding new JEE Pattern on June 27th, 2012

Summary record of discussion of meeting of 45th meeting of the IIT Council held on 27th June 2012
The meeting of the IIT Council started with a statement from Chairman, IIT Council, and Union Minister for HRD, Shri Kapil Sibal, being read out since he was not able to attend the meeting.

The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Professor M M Sharma, Member, IIT Council, Chairman Board of Governors of IIT Madras and Chairman of the Standing Committee of IIT Council. He requested Secretary of the Council to brief the Council about the developments so far related to the issue of Common Entrance Examination and its relation with respect to IIT entrance. Chairman Joint Admission Board (JAB) was requested to brief the Council about the recommendations of JAB meeting held on June 23, 3012.

The recommendations of JAB can be summarized as follows:

  • JEE ADVANCED examination will be held after JEE MAIN with a suitable time gap. Only the top 150,000 candidates (including all categories) in JEE MAIN will be qualified to appear in the JEE Advanced examination.
  • Admissions to IITs will be based only on category wise All India Rank (AIR) in JEE ADVANCED subject to condition that such candidates are in the top 20 percentile of successful candidates of their Boards in applicable categories.
  • JEE ADVANCED examination will have an exclusive Joint Admission Board (JAB) and Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) with the same composition as at present. The JAB and JIC will also coordinate with the organizing body responsible for conducting JEE MAIN.
  • Based on the recommendations of JAB, the Council decided that the proposed plan for admission to IITs at the undergraduate level will be implemented for the year 2013.
  • The Council advised JAB to constitute a group for coordination with COBSE (Council of Boards of School Education) so as to educate the students and public at large about the PERCENTILE versus PERCENTAGE approach being adopted by the Council. The Council requested JAB to submit a report of this committee within the next four months.

~source : PIB

Interesting feedbacks on the scenario!

Chetan Bhagat tweets

The new IIT selection rules part of government’s ‘Can’t make new A-grade institutions. Let’s destroy what we have policy.

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New IIT JEE, AIEEE 2013 pattern and Exam Dates6New IIT JEE, AIEEE 2013 pattern and Exam Dates0New IIT JEE, AIEEE 2013 pattern and Exam Dates4New IIT JEE, AIEEE 2013 pattern and Exam Dates0New IIT JEE, AIEEE 2013 pattern and Exam Dates0New IIT JEE, AIEEE 2013 pattern and Exam Dates0



  1. Stuti Vittal says:

    bleh! They are unnecessarily making things even more difficult. Now student has to think of 12th marks AND the entrance exam! Fucking hilarious!

    1. ya its true
      it has only increased the buden on 16-17 yr old students

    2. Shaurya Dixit says:

      nah not completely true…..actually its other side is that now there will be less number of students who get failed in boards while prep for iit…and secondly now it would be fun too atleast for me lol

      1. Adesh says:

        r u out of ur mind or smthn??

      2. the alchemist says:

        an asshole

    3. Anwesha Bose says:

      anyhow if a student fails he was not eligible for IIT earlier also…

    4. Anwesha Bose says:

      anyhow if a student fails he was not eligible for IIT earlier also…

    5. vaibhav says:

      what a rubbish? how could they do it? person who are not perfectly knowing about iit jee has changed the pattern for iitjee? .

  2. suresp says:

    Putting more pressure on current Standard 12th batch studends. A transition period of one/two year should be there before switching from one system to another syesem.
    Does Ministry of HRD listening ?

  3. kgp says:

    Why Ministry of HRD is so hurry to implement it from year 2013 ? IIT senate bodies are ignored on this issue. How the normalisation of 42 board marks of Plus Two examination is full proof.The mock evaluation should be carried out for atleat two years and sort our the discrapancies in the present system.How effective you are to control ramphant copies in rural areas. After 3 years the system again to be modified with new system.What about those students who will be victimised ?
    Need answers of all those questions ?

  4. srihas says:

    cant the ministry of HRD wait for an year or two why is he confusing the students?

  5. Farhan says:

    What is the net cumulative score needed in iits to atleast be eligible for admission in iits except the jee-advanced?.i mean in other engnrng colleges except iits,board marks and iit mains account for about 70 pcnt of the weightage..plz make me know about the same in case of iits…

    1. Anwesha Bose says:

      For NITs and IIITs, the merit list will be prepared on 40/30/30 basis of Board marks, JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.
      For IITs the cutoff list will be prepared on basis of Board marks and JEE Mains. Then the Rank list will be on basis of JEE Advanced only.

      For other colleges and state boards, the details will be made clearer after June 5 meeting only!

  6. Future IITian says:

    people,Everything depends on our perspective..if it consider it to be easy…then its easy or else it’s a fucking mystery…its beter to look on the brighter side of it rather than cursing the shadow it posses….just remember one thing……..the more big a thing is.the bigger is it’s shadow…TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS ALL THE IIT aspirants for the year 2013…including myself..hehehe

  7. digvijay bhosle says:

    i love kapil sibal he always reminds me of pandu saheb from dharavi..

  8. kajol nahar says:

    disastereous pattern, shakes MINDS.

  9. Anand Meena says:

    The new system will make students more dependent on coaching, as they would require it for three different examinations – the proposed JEE-Main, the proposed JEE-Advanced, which will also have aptitude test and third for scoring high marks in the plus two examinations. Does the govt need to bring in more inputs before implementing this?

  10. Arjit Kiledar says:

    this pattern of merging iit with aiee is not good at all.

    1. Anwesha Bose says:

      luck factor will matter more now…

  11. anonymous says:

    what would be the syllabus of main and advanced……….which topics are to be given more importance….plz clarify…..URGENT

    1. Anwesha Bose says:

      There is one more meeting to be held on 5th June… I guess those details will be given after that only…

  12. Rohit Vimal says:

    stundents who gave cbse 12 exams this year, n preparing for iit jee 2013 , didn't know about these changes…they only focused on coaching iit jee…govt should have thought about these students……. its not fair at all… :(

    1. Anwesha Bose says:

      They can give improvement exams later if they feel they can improve their scores :)

  13. Rohit Vimal says:

    stundents who gave cbse 12 exams this year, n preparing for iit jee 2013 , didn't know about these changes…they only focused on coaching iit jee…govt should have thought about these students……. its not fair at all… :(

  14. jasdeep says:

    oh great now this pattern?what problem does sibal have with 10th he introduced cce when we had to give boards nd now this when we are preparing for jee FRUSTRATING

    1. Anwesha Bose says:

      Sibal is probably using this batch as guinea pigs!

  15. Rohit Vimal says:

    they cant depend on improvement exams..if they get lesser marks in imp. Exams again..then what…?
    How many % in 12th will be enough??? Is 70% good????

    1. Anwesha Bose says:

      you can never say! see, 30% weightage will be of 12th marks for NITs and IIITs…. and students in 12th get even 98%. But to be noted is the line “40% weightage for performance in Class XII Board marks normalized on percentile basis through an appropriate formula”… now this so called appropriate formula is not told now…

      the system they have used for class 10 now (point system) will be used for class 12th too i think for calculating this 40% weight….

  16. Yogendra Chandak says:

    By paper news both exams in same day and 50,000 students are selected how may …. it be possible…….

    Type of both examination not be clear ………. what??? is syllabus of main and advance examination

    What????????? is percentile…………….

    1. Anwesha Bose says:

      percentile is to show how many percentage of score holders lie above or below that score. the maximum score holder gets 100 percentile.
      A score or rank at the 25th percentile means that 25% of all the scores are below that score and 75% of all the scores are above that score.

      More details regarding syllabus etc have not been announced

  17. samir singh says:

    Changes in old dynasties and systems have always proved to bE tough in history…
    So it is now.
    The fact: The common always fails to accept changes.

    I am an experimental subject of this test run by the govt. in the current patterns but i welcome it if it promises me a better future to the following batches of students.

    The best idea , however , would be, to just to take an aptitude test as it IS the best brains that the IIT requires.
    The CAT gets them this way, UPSE or UPSC(whatever it is) has it this way…
    The whole of the top colleges of USA have this very way to take out the best of brains.

    So when a problem becomes too tough, we should think of the basic productivity of it..

    The question is:

    What does the govt want from it??

    Does it want to reduce the burden ??
    Does it want to curb the coaching business which is eating into our vitals?
    Does it want to unify the numerous exams that are taking place in the country?
    or Does it simply wants to mark its name in the history of India as “The ones who brought changes”??

    Are the attempts really needed??
    If yes then why?
    Is it successful in its attempts with that very motive in mind??
    And eventually, if it has any productivity or is it just a futile whim acted upon in haste?

  18. I am satis. because all student& I will work hard.all the best for all student which set iit 2013 eith new pattern.

  19. I am satis. because all student& I will work hard.all the best for all student which set iit 2013 eith new pattern.

    1. good to see someone who is all set and prepared :) Best of Luck to you too!

  20. ravikumar says:

    sibal is a stubborn revelutionary thunder to make such great step to pickup genious kids from+2 and jee mains /adv. hats of to kapil sibal

  21. Anjaney Awnish says:

    this step is wrong as the students will have less options.

    1. Anwesha Bose says:

      not only that… students who have already given 12th exam and might appear for JEE next year will have a huge disadvantage!

    2. Anshu Gupta says:

      i got 64%in 12 exam with state board so now wht i can do by these changes …………..

    3. Anwesha Bose says:

      state board related details have not been given yet…

  22. dalpat meena says:

    this is correct for that student which don’t going for coaching

  23. shubham says:

    pagal ka bacha sala kapil sibble

  24. himanshu says:

    please decide fast mr. dumb sibbal for jee why r u playing with our future

  25. aaaaa says:

    what is the exact formula for equalising diff. board marks???????????????

    1. Anwesha Bose says:

      no announcement has been made regarding that yet

  26. Rohan says:

    12th ke baad ketne year tak iska try hai.

    1. Ranjan kumar upadhyay says:

      nhi pata

  27. Ranjan kumar upadhyay says:

    jo karna hai jaldi kare. dono taraf ke kich taan me humlog piss rhe hain,

  28. Ranjan kumar upadhyay says:

    iss exam me dificuk\lty level kya hai ????????????????

    1. Anwesha Bose says:

      bhagwaan hi jaane

  29. Khushboo Nigam says:

    Read today’s newspaper and the headlines said that now Kapil Sibbal has decided that only top 20% boards scorers can give the second exam of JEE!!
    I really feel that they are exaggerating this entrance thing way too much!
    even if their IIT”s are treated as temples in our country,they should not forget that students appearing for the entrance are humans and therefore should be treated like the same!

  30. shreya says:

    these is really a deadly decision for the students hving no choices left for future after gaining 70% in 12 exam???????/////

  31. Sudhir & Shobhit says:

    Sibbal Suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a Lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Deeksha says:

    this pattern is absolutely burdening……Ah…..!.as those students who r nt affordable to take coachings will be…………OOPs…….!

    1. Disha says:

      dis pattern should be changed……

      1. Disha says:

        oops….fr dis stupid iit new pattern………

  33. the alchemist says:

    mot*#@$*%ker sibal . f#*k doesn,t he get it that by his one f#*&%$g decision he has brought hell to a million lives … i dont get it that …why a single person decides on the fate offfff milllionsss…….. damn

  34. Abhishek says:

    well I don’t like this pattern at all.this will increase the pressure the the students

  35. AMARESH KUMAR says:

    I need clarification on following 4 points.Can anybody clarify my doubts ?
    1. what will be the students earlier appeared having 60% or more at 12th level but did not qualify in 2012 ? As the earlier provision was of two attempts.
    2. ONE who comes under 20 percentile in 2013 but does not qualifies the JEE ADVANCE.if HE GETS an opportunity of second attempt but does not comes under 20 percentile according to new provision now.
    3. It is not clear that how many attempts can a candidate make ? As earlier provision was:-
    (a) Two attempts in case of iit JEE AND,
    (b) Three attempts in case of AIEEE
    4. Who will be admitted in the institution other than iits like NITS

    1. Anwesha Bose says:

      1. Your final marks in CBSE (whether in 2012 or 2013) will be taken into account.
      2. As in many boards, the 12th results will probably come AFTER the JEE Advanced, so even if you have given JEE Advanced but when results come you see you do not come in top 20 percentile, then the exam is a waste, one does not qualify.
      3. No of attempts have not been mentioned. When the brochures come probably things will be clearer.
      4. JEE Mains is equivalent to AIEEE. So the institutions that accepted AIEEE score will now accept JEE Mains scores.

  36. seema kumari says:

    what government want from us. we r not bearing any more. i think govenment wants to pressurise us…. this pattern is going to be fuck…..

  37. jen says:

    What the fuck ? This new system is so complicated and will add to the pressures on students. Who the hell has given that moron (K.Sibal ) the right to play with the student’s lives ?

  38. rafi says:

    old is gold
    there were no need of change of pattern
    it will affect the repeating students negatively

  39. anant gupta says:

    you have to get atleast 80percent in bord exam and have to get all india rank in 1.5 lakhs for JEE advanced.

  40. vaishali galgat says:

    itni jaldi kya hai unhe kya loose motio0n hai to hame bhi kabj hai

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