What makes me happy..?

What makes me happy..?Mmm…., my happiest moment…. I can’t think of any… What makes me happy..? U sure, I must’ve had one?



Aaj kuch hai sir, I’ll be free by 4.


Jab b meko sad sad hota h n fir ekdum se sab log meko bohot sara pyar karte hain, care karte hain to mai, bohot happy hoti hu…


I am happy now at this very moment!!

With friends, I always enjoy!!


Dunno about the happiest, but I feel so happy when I haven’t done the assignment and that day, sir dosesn’t ask for it especially after the entire class was busy in the library getting it done while I was sitting under a tree drinkin’ Frappe!! What makes me happy..?


I usually seek my happiness in when I create something…. The moments of satisfaction makes me happy, when I can make someone smile or cry for a reason, I feel happy…


Oho, my happiest moment was on 20th july What makes me happy..?

It was on *th ** that he told me all so sweetly that he loves me!! What makes me happy..? What makes me happy..?

And why it is special… because I started going out with him on *th of ** but he said I love u after almost

4 months of saying yes to him…


This.. should be asked when I’ll be on my death bed What makes me happy..? That shall be the perfect moment to answer such a question, after all life ain’t over yet!! What makes me happy..? But if I have to name one for now, it’ll be the fulfillment of my grandpa’s last wish, he had always dreamt of visiting his birthplace in Punjab near Indo-Pak border, which he had to abandon in his early childhood days. But neither my grandpa nor my father could do that, somehow, with God’s grace I could. Perhaps, I was blessed to that and bring a handful of that sacred land’s soil, it was indeed a happy and proud moment for me…! What makes me happy..?


When I cook… when I read a book and feel I can write better, I get happy. When someone hugs me with good intention, I feel happy… What makes me happy..?


I’m really afraid of happiness! Coz, once you have it, it is always momentary and there’s always that fear, of losing it! It is like the fear you constantly face, when you’re with that one girl, that sweet, beautiful gal, you love selflessly; that she’ll hate you, for your one small mistake, the one which you’d not even know you committed! Although everyone enjoys being happy, but happiness is something that can never be asked for, you’re always in pursuit!!


When I laugh like mad, with her, I mean like crazy!! What makes me happy..?


When I got my chhotu ‘kalu’.. What makes me happy..? Things that make me happy: Shopping, music, good food, rain, travelling, aur tere se ladke wapas dosti, aur pata ni bhai khud soch le…! Aur jab nani chup-chup ke hume toffe deti thi…!! What makes me happy..?


The happiest moment was perhaps, when I saw my first article in Telegraph… I was 11 then, then my first dance performance when I was 4…! What makes me happy..?

Very small things in life make me happy, spending time with close ones, baking a cake with bro, buying bangles, outing with mom to my fav places, buying books n mags when am with Dad, when any one gets flowers for me, penning down what I feel, then spending time with kids, And and and SRK What makes me happy..? And, most importantly, doing something for someone, helping others What makes me happy..?


Books, coffee, travelling, the smell of freshly cut grass, geeli mitti ki khushbu, good music. Sitting with a warm blanket on a winter night with warm coffee…


Movies, nice weather and bandi!!


When my brother was born!

A faad bike ride! Reading in complete, sometimes eerie silence What makes me happy..? Harry Potter What makes me happy..? What makes me happy..?


Spending time with family, bakchodi with you guys!! Music, “delicious food”, novels, movies, long walks @ DTU, getting to know good people in this Mad-House, travelling, talking to my father!


Getting into the toilet to find no mosquitoes waiting!! Aah! That’s epic…! What makes me happy..?

On a rather serious note, sitting behind her, on that scooty What makes me happy..? has been the happiest moment for me!


Visiting monuments, spending time with friends, no limits, no boundations, no one to grasp you back! Dawn and Dusk, watching the open sk at night, spell bound at it’s beauty!! Nature, it’s beauty!!


I guess my happiest moment would be when I’ll see my own reflection in my own kids… hehe yeah! I think so much about them… And apologies I can’t give you, one happy moment… What makes me happy..?



Things that make me happy: a good chat with those I admire, fair grades, a cuppa tea @ Maggi Baba, well a plate-full of Maggi does the job too What makes me happy..? a nice breeze, a work upon completion generates loads of happiness for me!! Reading, singing, music, movies!! Love! Peace!! Those endless hours of me thinking under the Nes-tree What makes me happy..? Beating others at CS, taking pot-shots at others! Being in the front seat, loud head-banging music in the back, well throw in my friends in there, FOOD, I had almost missed it!! What makes me happy..? The campus at night, sipping cold coffee, ice-cream with sore-throat What makes me happy..?


It’s usually the small things that make one’s life not a living hell, so cherish’em don’t let them pass!! What makes me happy..?


Thank you those who shared their happiness with me, you lifted me greatly that day!! What makes me happy..? I felt inspired!

*- Day

**- Month

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