The information age or information overload? Too much social media!

When I was a little girl, it was easy to be polite. You adopted a generally respectful air, and by large, chewed your food with your mouth closed. Occasionally, you forgot the name of a great-great-grandaunt but other than a sharp rap on your knuckles, you were home free as long as you kept quite in the crowds. It seemed like a foolproof way to live life, until now…….

Today we live in an age I refer to as ‘Information Diarrhea’ where we use every possible method of communication to share our thoughts and feelings. Nothing is private, nothing withheld, and everything is a matter of public record. What you say or do is for all to see and be remembered till eternity because someone out there is hitting the record button.

Sends a shiver down your spine? If we lived in times of war, we would be putting out incriminating information, voluntarily, that would allow complete strangers to blackmail us. In the war of words, we would be the ultimate loser. So has the information overload rendered us stupid?????

Let’s look at texting or the SMS….. Everyone is composing one. And everyone is screwing up when they hit send. Then there is the internet format of texting- aptly called Twitter. Your 140- character tweet has the ability to reduce you to a complete twit. Forget the inherent stupidity, of this concept, I mean you need a hugely inflated ego to think that people really care about what you did every waking hour of your life. What makes it even more ridiculous is that people do care….

I set up a twitter account on whim, and guess what; I had followers without me ever posting up a tweet….. so imagine what happens if you really do tweet..

At best, you can lose people’s interest. At worst, your job, and your self respect. Ask Mr. Tharoor, or me. From my two month experience with twitter, I can assure you that no one posts anything less than deeply personal. I know what people are eating, wearing, thinking. I even know what time they sleep and who they want to sleep with….. ;-)
What happened to good old fashioned common sense????? Would you sign a blank cheque and leave it lying around??????

Would you leave you personal bank statement for all to see??

So why is it considered ok to talk so much that people go out of their way to get you to shut up??????

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then…… But, some like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardarshian and their wannabes and look-alikes continued to raise the decibel level. They went to jail and out of jail. Flirted with rehab and reality television. And continued to ignore the words of wisdom imparted by their arresting officers: whatever you say can be used against you in the Court of Law. If only they had been made aware of their rights from the start, The silence would have been deafening…