Janpath- The quintessential Delhiite experience

Janpath-  Do I really need to say more? Well, if you are a Delhiite, or are studying or working or living in Delhi in any other, its hard to miss out on this very famous street market in the heart of the capital.

This very popular and lively Delhi market, which was recently given a makeover, has something for everyone. Be it guys or girls, everyone throngs this market to buy funky tees, jholas, bags, belts, and a hell lot of other “college essentials”. The best part- its easy on your pocket too, all you need is some bargaining skills. Not some actually, but ALL of your bargaining skills.

Apart from the alleyway, there are some pucca shops out on the main road stretching for more than a kilometre. These comprise the “Tibetan Market”. You’ll find goods from everywhere in India and Tibet here, and it’s a great place to shop for things to take back home. Bargaining helps you here too.

So, if you think your wardrobe needs to be jazzed up, head to janpath right now! And yeah, don’t forget to gorge on the amazing momos and cold coffee from DePaul’s when hunger pangs get to you!

  • Location: Janpath, just off Connaught Place, in central New Delhi.
  • Opening Hours: Daily.
  • What to Buy: Handicrafts, hippy clothing, shoes, paintings, brassware, Indian artifacts, leather work, and cheap jewelry.