Karan Johar’s trio – Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan

Karan Johar returns to the director’s chair after a gap of more than two years. His upcoming movie “Student of the Year” is already much hyped about for various reasons.

First of all, cinema critics and KJO fans are slightly skeptical about his decision to launch three newcomers in such a big budget film. He could have easily cast big names, after all, who says no to Karan?

But the director who turned 40 recently is happy with the three. Siddharth and Varun had assisted him during the making of My Name is Khan. He says that they were well aware of the director’s style of movie making and their fresh new faces are perfectly made for Bollywood.

Regarding Alia Bhatt tough he confessed she was not his first choice. He had auditioned around 400 girls for the role. Alia, who hails from the Mahesh Bhatt Khandaan was suited for the role, but had weight issues. She was told to shed a few kilos. And after that was done, she was all set for the movie.

The movie revolves around three friends in a angreji school. One is serious and studious, one is funky and easy going and one is a rich spoilt brat. Student of the year is a competition announced which brings conflicts and creates differences among the friends.

KJO says that their different personalities and on screen presence is what makes them so well suited for the roles.

His final verdict – the three protagonists, Alia, Siddharth and Varun have done extremely well!

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