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Harshvardhan Deo is a Man of Substance

B-Town’s latest entrant, Harshvardhan Deo who was seen in Jigariyaa is a scholar. Bollywood attracts talent from all walks of life but it is interesting to see an academician turning into an actor. Harsh, as he is … Continue Reading


Give yourself a Chance!

No task, no emotion is complete until and unless you have someone to share it with. Each and everyday we do something or the other which is new or which we did in an entirely different way from the way we normally … Continue Reading


DDA Housing Scheme 2014

DDA Housing Scheme 2014 DDA launched its much-awaited 'Housing Scheme 2014' offering over 25,000 flats across various categories. The scheme would be open to applicants from September 1, 2014 and the last date … Continue Reading

But I loved her

The “Sweet” entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship isnt always about making money and getting big and famous…. Little Molly and Carly were only 18 and 16 respectively when their grandfather died due to cancer. Their grandpa being their best … Continue Reading

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Zoo Job

One day an out of work mime is visiting the zoo and attempts to earn some money as a street performer. As soon as he starts to draw a crowd, a zoo keeper grabs him and drags … Continue Reading

Argumentative Indians

Argumentative Indians!

Indian Lifestyle has changed over the couple of decades tremendously. I see authors, economists, managers, and media people who talk and try to prove that how this new change … Continue Reading

Go Green this Diwali!!

Go Green this Diwali!!

Go Green @ DTU, a student-based organisation, presently active in Delhi Technological University, recently organised a two day (October 20-21st), event, aimed at creating … Continue Reading