At dusk, i wake
At dawn, i agitate
At night, i get holy accolade!
no wonder,my honour is apocalypse
and souls my reward!

When Bureaucrats and generals
take a sip of morning coffee,
I am busy damaging palates of
men firing for free.

Unlike Oxford’s dictionary
mine has few words,
‘Roger In’ and ‘Roger out’
bullets, blood, shoot and fall out!

All i hear is men in pain
and somewhere someone’s wife
crying in vain.
a small child learning to walk lane by lane,
his dad in heaven, isn’t this insane?

ere, Man!
What else do u need?
Shall i build a mansion and grow more weed?
Shall i kill more animals and burn more trees?
Shall i drink all water and grab your needs?
or simply i shall end whole of the mankind before u heed!

Wake up, son!
Its the time,
time to run and stop your brother
he is going to kill someone, may be your mother!
I am not just WAR, i am the eternity,
stop me before i rise, or else i will even kill maternity!

Kushendra Suryavanshi

3rd yr

Delhi Technological University