The Most Beautiful Girl ever (III) : The end

It was the winter of 2009. My semester had got over. The beautiful girl aka saumya had helped me excel in electrodynamics which had a track record of only 60% success rate. But that was the last I had seen of her. After the exam , I got busy with post major masti and didn't even get a glimpse of her. In the 1 month winter break, I had come from the feeling of excitement to that … [Read more...]


The Most Beautiful Girl Ever

Well... I fall for girls as often as I see a movie. And I fall out of them sooner. The effect of the beauty is just like those of scenic locations. After ten minutes, you tend to get bored of it. Since, girls have a feedback mechanism too, so it takes up to ten days to normalize to their beauty. Currently, I'm in love with Maria the item girl in 'niyat' song from "teenpatti". … [Read more...]

The lap of love

bus ride

The Volvo sailed through the hills at a consistent velocity. There was nothing much to see from the window, it was dark;  pitch black. I looked at my watch nonchalantly. It said 21:30. I casually glanced at the girl sitting beside me. She was asleep. She was wearing a maroon colored top and a beige colored skirt. God! she was beautiful. ‘How can you sit with a beautiful girl … [Read more...]

Be Careful when using those three magical words ‘I love you’

I Love U

As it has been already stated ‘magical’ so definitely something happens when these three words are spoken to some other person, but two instances are most common:- 1st Instance Boy to Girl:-’I love you dear!’ Girl to Boy:-What! Boy to Girl:-That,i love you. I love your smile, the way you talk and would like to live with.......... Girl Interrupts:- We are just good friends … [Read more...]

Solving a very difficult riddle …Do help me out


God made three kinds of people:-some beautiful, some not so beautiful and some ugly and whenever we are given the choice we always choose the first option irrespective of how that person is at heart. I do guess that at some point or the other boys must have faced the dilemma that first they never find beautiful girl alone and when they move with their friends most of the time … [Read more...]