Time Of Your Life

time of your life

I’ve had a rather comforting revelation of late though it may sound silly at the same time. Up until a few months ago, I used to look back at my childhood and feel nostalgic at how times have changed. How everything was all innocent and cosy back then, or how the world seemed so much smaller or how my whole universe was limited to home, the streets in front where I would play … [Read more...]

Review of Nokia Lumia 800

The next bet from Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop to revive his company is Nokia's latest flagship flagship phone "Nokia Lumia 800". Built in just 6 months, it seems nokia took the design of its N8 handset and mixed it with Windows Phone Mango. So what is the feel, pros and cons of this new handset? Read on to get answered. Talking about the outer looks, the left side of … [Read more...]