There is only freedom in existence, existence is freedom. We exploited freedom to create responsibility, to restrict freedom. Our freedom is limited by our will to create fiction. Once an individual learns that, he is beyond the creation of social structure. Freedom is the will to act, something that responsibility for your actions strives to restrict. An individual cannot … [Read more...]

The Alto Personality

The legend, the awesome, the stupendous car that is a king on the road and to add more flavor to his valor, the king without a kingdom, without a throne yet the king who stands alone in all tough situations. Whether it be traffic jams, car accidents, cycle accidents, car over scooter etc etc, it would be this ultimate king who acts as the causality for these events. Alto is a … [Read more...]


What is language? Some abstract notion of what we see and hear that we wish to communicate? We learn that language is this tool through which one person exchanges thoughts with another, but fail to digress that everything we exchange or rather wish to exchange is merely a construction of that very same tool. Language is the complete source of knowing our existence. The moon, … [Read more...]


When a child is born he brings various relations alone. He is unaware of it and lives his life calmly with no knowledge of life so no worries too. Then comes the age when his mind grows and leads in forming of goals. His thoughts have no limitations, no boundaries - the time to enjoy the fruity pulpy life. He feels like to be the prince of future. Now there's the age when … [Read more...]

I found you as it was destined

Our special blessings remain hidden and passive until and unless someone invokes them. We might be good at something but realize its worth only when someone comes and tell you "you are good at it or that was really nice, I liked it". My encounter with The Indian fusion was very unexpected. I remember I was walking out of the canteen when I saw Indian fusion poster on the … [Read more...]