A girl’s guide to heels

Women shoes types

A shoe guide for girls- from flats to heels, all you need to know. For a man, a shoe is simply a shoe. But for a girl, a lady, a woman; a shoe has so many types. “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Here is a detailed guide on women shoes. Enjoy! Ballet flats As the name says, these are very similar to a ballerina's slippers. They are close … [Read more...]

Spring Summer trends 2013 for women you need to know

Sheer fabric Spring Summer Trends 2013

Spring Summer Fashion trends this year - Rock the look! Gone are winters now and gone with it the bulky clothing and dry skin and messy mufflers and caps. Spring is the ultimate time to get trendy and have fun with the new fashion trends. These are the top Spring Summer 2013 trends. Pastel hues Pastel shades made a splash at numerous fashion events showing off Spring … [Read more...]

Dress code to women & girls, clean chit to rapists?

Back to square one. Women get raped because they wear jeans and short/sleeveless tops. This comes from none other than Bangalore University’s Head of Committee Against Sexual Harassment K K Seethamma who is pressing for a dress code in the university because “women need to protect themselves by wearing good clothes”. Before this, Karnataka Women and Child Welfare Minister C C … [Read more...]

Marilyn makes a personality change ; becomes FSY !

India‘s first concept lingerie company is moving from being inspired by the timeless beauty of Marilyn Monroe to emanating its true persona – FSY !Intrigued ! FSY stands for the brand philosophy – Fun. Sexy. You. FSY continues to sell ‘Glow in the Dark Lingerie’ for the first ever time in India. You simply need to hold it next to the bedroom lamp for 30 seconds, and then turn … [Read more...]

Get a haircut Mister!

The one with the haircut was a really hilarious saga of a classic haircut gone awry  :D but seriously, men need advice to know what they want up in the top floor. I have been browsing some of the cool hairstyles this season. I am a bit inclined towards long tresses for men, but was disappointed to see that the in thing this time is more of short and sweet … [Read more...]