50 Things That Girls Should Know About Guys

Guys aren’t psychic, mind telling them what you mean? Guys don’t like to be used as pawns in trying to make your friends jealous. Guys tend to get serious with their relationship and become too possessive. Better watch out girls. The biggest turn off for guys is to see girls smoking. The biggest turn on for guys are the girls who workout. Girls who don’t want to … [Read more...]

The Fake Profile

Friends, this incident took place right after my first semester at IIT Delhi. The major examinations just got over. Entire country was in a state of shock as the 26th November Mumbai attacks rocked the nation. Although we were students (the lot which rarely tunes into news channels), every one of us was keenly following the terrible events on the television. It was one such … [Read more...]

The most ridiculous and obvious dilemma number-2

The most ridiculous and obvious dilemma- number 2 The most ridiculous and obvious dilemma-'Mera kya hoga?' ‘Agla station Botanical garden hai, darwaze baeen taraf khulenge,saavdhani se utrein Next station is botanical garden, doors will open on the left, mind the gap’ “Get up dude,station aa gaya”, said Ramana (its ‘Raman with an extra  A’, all because of those … [Read more...]

Waah ! Kya life hai…!!

Tanuj Rawat

(I should have written this article a long before, I mean last year, few days after my college life began. But somehow, I realized of putting down the changes. Although a bit late, but I do get time to look what’s happening, what’s going on in the box I am in )   Delhi Technological University, an Engineering college ( I don’t know about the life in other Engineering colleges … [Read more...]

CAT 2011 logical reasoning question

CAT 2011 logical reasoning question..... Ramu a boy and an engineer wants a seat in IIM-A.. If 20% of the seats are reserved for SC/ST, 30% for OBC, 20% for Nomadic tribes, 5% for minority, 20% for girls, 30% for non-engineers then which amongst the following is the best option for Ramu : 1. Work harder 2. Burning his engg degree 3. Sex change operation 4. IIPM (Yes !! … [Read more...]