Life is beautiful, Universe is wonderful

Life is beautiful, universe is wonderful, it has so many things in it some seen and some hidden for me to discover and cherish. ~I keep thinking this way, that everything around is or will be for good, everything is wonderful... But then sometimes I think who am I kidding? Life is crap, universe is crap, I solve one crap and universe gives me 10 more crap to deal with. If … [Read more...]

4 years of awesomeness but still aimless

I am a student at a premier engineering college and I need not say with premier expectations and fat-fetched routes to success fuellinging my deranged mind, I have become a man full of junk and an aimless wanderer still in search of my final abode.  YES, I had awesome college experiences starting from first year to the final year, I lived a blissful life, masti chai and sutta … [Read more...]

The Connection

It is so easy to get lost, or so easy to find one's way. Randomly choosing one will get me out of wherever I am in, but why should I get out, if the place I want to go to is the same as I want to get out of? I would rather not chose a random path but wait for me to figure out and then start walking? But will it be too late? But too late for what? I have no clue..! I imagine … [Read more...]

A quest

Someone I hadn’t ever really talked to in my school had once been paired up with me for some school project. The details of this are unclear to me now, but what stuck to me from that incident like the scaly skin of a crocodile, was the fact that I discovered that the person in question was an excellent conversationalist. In fact I was so surprised at the common grounds of … [Read more...]