And God Said “Let there be Dravid”

Once upon a time, there was a boy in Bangalore at St Joseph’s High School who was an ace Hockey player. He recorded many victories for his team being at the centre half.  Observing his stroking shots in Hockey, he got deviated and started playing cricket at the age of 12 and represented his state at the under-15, under-17 and under-19 level. Sooner, that man got the grip on the … [Read more...]

How do start-up companies attract fresh talents?

The basic economics states that there are four factors required to start an organization, among which the most important one is the human resource. Human resource plays a vital role in the development graph of any organization big or small. A stable organization is more stable with a stable load of employees. And when it comes to a startup company, not only the manpower, but … [Read more...]

Te Amo [1]

I've always been this way. This impish little boy, who was punished in the fifth grade for proposing to his classmate, lemme think, what was her name?? Yes, Akanksha . I had NOT expected her to go to our class teacher. I mean, fine you don't like me, but going to the teacher; that event had cost me my Appu Ghar trip. How I hated her for this!! Now we're good friends though!! … [Read more...]

Indian Ocean : The Life and Music of


The bondage of a contextual life has for eternity been encompassed around the single deviant unearthed sight, sense or expression of a constant stone marked absolute.  This is an absolute that is sought after to end the taunting ruptures of thoughts, actions and the concept of transgression that have administered the untamed or by definition the self-evident plague of … [Read more...]