I dream

I dream of strange horizons, where the sun never sets. I dream of strange lands where the sky is strange to me. I dream of landscapes that are new and strange, I dream of lands that only I have ever seen. I dream of travels around the globe, looking at a new sunset every day, at a new sunrise every morning. I dream of crawling through tiny spaces and looking at the … [Read more...]

The First Knowledge Class by Varun Ojha

varun ojha

The First ever Knowledge Class under the hood of TIF Knowledge Society was held on 12-10-2011, Tuesday. Varun Ojha enlightened us with the topic : Dark Matter and the Expansion of the Universe. Varun Ojha preparing his slides The eager members! The Knowledge Class Went as : When we study the physics of macroscopic world, especially the universe, we come to the following … [Read more...]

World as we see!!

It is not everyday that I feel like writing something. It does not happen when I am extremely happy or am extremely sad. But yes, there are times when I am extremely emotional. When certain things run through my mind and refuse to stop by. It is at that time that I really need to pen down my thoughts and make them visible to myself and the world around. No, I am not afraid any … [Read more...]