I dream

I dream of strange horizons, where the sun never sets. I dream of strange lands where the sky is strange to me. I dream of landscapes that are new and strange, I dream of lands that only I have ever seen. I dream of travels around the globe, looking at a new sunset every day, at a new sunrise every morning. I dream of crawling through tiny spaces and looking at the … [Read more...]

The First Knowledge Class by Varun Ojha

varun ojha

The First ever Knowledge Class under the hood of TIF Knowledge Society was held on 12-10-2011, Tuesday. Varun Ojha enlightened us with the topic : Dark Matter and the Expansion of the Universe. Varun Ojha preparing his slides The eager members! The Knowledge Class Went as : When we study the physics of macroscopic world, especially the universe, we come to the following … [Read more...]

World as we see!!

It is not everyday that I feel like writing something. It does not happen when I am extremely happy or am extremely sad. But yes, there are times when I am extremely emotional. When certain things run through my mind and refuse to stop by. It is at that time that I really need to pen down my thoughts and make them visible to myself and the world around. No, I am not afraid any … [Read more...]

Life, The Universe and Everything. Do you want the answer? Are you sure?

I have been really confused lately. I mean really confused! I haven’t been this confused in my whole life to be honest. And my mind was boggled really by the question that confused me. And see that’s what is worrying really. I have never thought about what I am going to wear and frankly the amount of brainpower I put into this question a few days back is biblically … [Read more...]


Maybe this is what an alien really looks like - a worm-like bacteria. NASA scientist Dr Richard Hoover claims to have found life form, which may explain how life on earth started and what's more, he challenges anyone to come forth and disprove his claim. An astrobiologist with Nasa's Marshall Space Flight Center, Hoover explains that travelling to Antarctica, Siberia and … [Read more...]