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How To Manage College Life?


Since childhood I heard a lot that the college life is undoubtedly the most wonderful phase of a person’s life and when I entered the college life I realized the same. After completing one wonderful year in the college, one cool thing I realised that college life is much prettier and tougher than the school life. Truly its the best gift you will ever get after you crack the taunting entrance exams. There are almost no restrictions in college which makes it even more enjoyable. You can make some great new friends, go for late night movies, waste time like you had never done, make girlfriends, boyfriends blah blah.

But usually students get blinded in this glittering college life and so tend to ignore studies. You must have heard that students who always topped in their school and entrance exams are failing in their college semester exams.The major reason for this is that they are not studying much. They consider themselves on the cloud 9 after they crack JEE/AIPMT/AIEEE/CPT or any other entrance exam to get into a good college but once they enter the college all the pressure is back again.

Clearing an entrance exam is one thing and surviving in the college is another. Till now we people have just covered half of the road. Like many other when I entered into the college I thought it’s time for masti and no studies but soon I was proved wrong. However soon I followed the following steps (which I would like to share with you) and soon I was able to handle my college life quite well

Well what should we do to prevent college from getting screwed?
My sincere advice is that you enjoy, of course enjoy but also focus on your studies simultaneously. 2 or 3 hours a day is sufficient to get the best CGPA or percentage. Try not to have any backlogs as backlogs really hurt your job prospects. Backlogs will be extremely dangerous and with this you will end up mugging and not learning and gaining. Also try to give the first preference to study as this for what you have come for.

You will see yourself changed after 4 years as college really transforms you into something else. College can help you to build your personality. For that you must participate in the extracurricular activities as I believe that colleges are nothing less than a personality development programme.

The basic of rule of all colleges “To be the best and above all”. If you are the best in your branch then you will get the best than the rest. So try to top your class and show them what you have in you as a scholar.

Don’t forget how much pain your parents have taken to get you here. You truly owe them something and for that you must never let them down. Before doing anything wrong think about how you parents were with you day and night during your crunch situations, how much expectation they have from you. So I will wrap up this article hoping that you will follow these advices and try not to screw up your college life Best of luck to all and please give the above points a bit of your notice for your own good.

Remember look for perfection and you will land in excellence.

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