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Resume Writing – What to write and what not to write


Resume Writing

‘Your character defines you as a human being’

Such flowery language looks tremendous in a book of inspirational quotes that is caked in dust and sits on an ignorant bookshelf. In today’s competition obsessed world, the worthy place of your ‘character’ is replaced by paper pulp/digital imprint document called Resume.

A resume is a document proclaiming your brilliance and portrays you as a demi-god. An innocent manuscript which was pioneered to act as a barometer of your performance has been elevated to the stature of utmost importance. The corporate world clad in slick suites would never have imagined that a holy matrimony existed between a resume and his bearer, a purely materialistic of course. 😛

From the naïve undergraduate to the technically sound 28 year old, all of these are married to their resumes. They put it first before putting themselves just like an ideal marriage. They perform every whacky task to keep their resume fit and fine. Such is the devotion and dedication being meted out. And most importantly, they feel a resume (or their soulmate shall we say) define the bearer. How insanely romantic…….

Well here is a word of caution on Resume Writing.

To immerse yourself in something that you loathe for the sake of beautifying the manuscript called resume, is sheer stupidity. To forget all the morals, ethics that defined the basis of your existence for a resume is blasphemy, my friend. You plot, plan, strategize to build your resume but forget one teeny weeny bit of intellect- it’s about YOU and not your neighbor, not your classmate whom you compete with.

To build an impressive resume all you have got to do is explore yourself. Do not jump the bandwagon if rest of your herd is doing it. Do what pleases you, what excites you and even it is not resume-friendly. Be brave and take on the risks that usually escort an initiative. It has always been about YOU, and will always be. Don’t ditch your year old dream of playing a guitar or your penchant for geeky computer comprehension.

And then you will stumble upon the fact that being yourself was the only thing required –ever.