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A slow voice of an Indian collegian….


India one of the biggest country in the world and center of the south Asian economy and education. A super fast growing nation with the supersonic speed of development. If we want to maintain it, we need a world class infrastructure, world class health facilities, business plan, modern engineering techniques and of course a world class political and educational system. But in this article I would like to take the issue of our higher education system.

Yes! It is so important in present scenario. We are producing more than 3 million graduates included doctors, engineers and other professional graduates. Really it is a huge amount for any country. But about the standard of our graduates, it is difficult to answer. According to a report of confederation of Indian industry and the Boston consulting group estimate that India would face a talent gap of more than 5 million by 2012 as existing educational institutions do not import employable skills. A Mckinsey report finds only 25% engineers, 15% finance graduates and less than 10% of the other graduates to be employable.

Even after getting engineering degree we are not able to cope with this world. This is the ‘Tamacha’ on our educational system. Engineering is the most preferred post school education (after 12th) career option in India today. It is evident from the fact that more than 1,000,000 (1 Million!) students are giving engineering entrance exam every year. Presently India is placed the 3rd largest education system in the world in terms of enrollment. Nevertheless according to the number of institutions, India is the largest higher education system in the world which is compose of around 17,625 college and 348 universities, 63 single deemed universities.

After seeing this…..only one question arises in everyone’s mind ‘Are we defective or our educational authorities?

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