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Waking up after mamma screams,
Biding adieu to all silly dreams…

Life was celebrated-easy ang gay,
Why did it change.. why couldn’t it be that way?

Drama, crushes and silly fun,
Ice-cream , colas under the summer sun…

Teacher’s shouting ABC,
Bunking classes and wandering free…

Filling the rooms with shouts and hoots,
Having fun with HCl-conc and dilute !!!!

Painting the classroom walls in ink,
Greeting the punished with a wink…

Exchange of identity cards before the morning prayer,
fusses over the hall-pass not rare…

The mirror on the common room wall,
every now and then giving make-up calls…

But have i lost it all???
Scribbling on the notebooks and school walls…

The teacher’s scolds,
and ironing my skirts folds…

Dancing, singing , joking all day long,
should i break down or be strong????????

And the greatest loss that brings me to a dead end,
is that of my dearest friends…

(The author wrote this in the gloom of leaving her school days… I know the piece is very childish and lame but is extremely close to my heart! )

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ermm... Well Herculean task ! I view my worthy self as a dreamer... Simple in my thoughts as well as writing ( no grandiloquence or bombastic diction.nah nah not for moi! *wink wink*) ..And I extremely relish writing.... Well that's Priyanka to you.. Cheers!